A Not So Secret Smile

Most people think of braces as the clunky, Ugly Betty-style, metal mouth jewellery. And although, as a young teen, getting to choose the colour of your elastics often goes some way towards alleviating your discomfort, we’re sure that most adult brace-wearers don’t care if their elastics are red or pink. P.S We wouldn’t recommend choosing purple and black. They rarely look good.

It’s true that orthodontic work is more commonly performed on children – four out of five patients treated by NHS dentists are under 18- but an increasing number of adults are seeking advice on straightening their teeth.

I want a Hollywood smile

Adult orthodontic treatment might be something we associate with actors, or those in the public eye, but statistics show that the North West of England has the third highest number of orthodontic treatments in the country, after London and the East. If you’re looking for a beautiful smile, Invisible Braces Manchester is the place to go.

Is it worth it for something that’s cosmetic?

It may be the case that you are seeking orthodontic treatment as the result of insecurity over your teeth. In today’s society, so much importance is placed on our straight, shiny smiles that it is often uncomfortable for adults who perhaps did not receive the treatment that they should have done in childhood. But did you know that the benefits of braces are far from being singularly cosmetic?

Once your teeth have been straightened you will find that you may be able to bite and chew more comfortably, and that you are able to care for your teeth and gums more easily.

But what about the metal?

If your primary reason for wanting your teeth straightened is cosmetic, then we have no doubt that the thought of ‘train-track’ braces fills you with dread. But you don’t have to worry, we have a number of treatment options that are far more discreet than a standard brace.

Lingual braces

Lingual – from the Latin for ‘tongue’ – braces are similar in concept and structure to a conventional brace, but instead of sitting front and centre, they are fitted behind your teeth.

Manchester Secret Smile braces are a form of lingual brace which works to correct the front six teeth, for primarily cosmetic purposes. They are infinitely more discreet than traditional braces, and the treatment period is often shorter.

There can be some getting used to with a lingual brace, but this is true of any brace really. You may find that your mouth and tongue feel uncomfortable for a few days at first, and your speech can alter a little as you adapt to the brace. These things usually resolve themselves within a few days as you become accustomed to the brace. You will also find that there are a few foods that are off-limits to you whilst your brace is fitted: crisp apples, French bread, and chewing gum. And from personal experience, we would recommend brushing very carefully after eating rice!

If you want to stop keeping your smile a secret, talk to our team today.