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Teeth Straightening Manchester – 7 Benefits of Straight Teeth

If you’ve recently visited the dentist you might have been told that you need orthodontic Manchester treatment. While it’s fair to say that wearing braces in Manchester can be a lengthy process, teeth straightening Manchester has multiple benefits, many of which are health related. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Straighter teeth help to prevent major health issues

Did you know that having straighter teeth can reduce your chances of heart disease, a stroke, or diabetes? It’s true! Crooked teeth are difficult to clean and can harbour bacteria. If the bacteria isn’t treated or eradicated it can lead to serious conditions such as those listed above.

Straighter teeth means healthier gums

When teeth are straighter the gums fit more securely around the teeth. This creates a stronger defense barrier against the possibility of periodontal (severe gum) disease. Conversely when teeth are crooked or overcrowded they don’t sit perfectly against the gums and as a result the gums can be prone to attack from bacteria. Problem gums are normally identified by an inflamed/reddened appearance.

Straighter teeth prevents excess wear

When a patient suffers from crooked or overcrowded teeth it can lead to an inefficient chewing action causing excess wear to adjacent teeth. After undergoing a period of orthodontic Manchester treatment, straighter teeth means that proper bite function is restored.

Straighter teeth reduces the risk of accidents

Protruding or crooked teeth are often exposed making them far more likely to be chipped, cracked, or broken in the event of an accident.

Straighter teeth prevents TMJD problems

When teeth aren’t straight they place excess stress on the gums and bone that supports them. This can often led to a painful condition known as TMJD. Temporo-Mandibular Joint Disorder is the dysfunction of the muscles used in the chewing process, the symptoms of which are usually chronic headaches, neck pain, or face/jaw pain. Thankfully orthodontic treatment such as braces Manchester can straighten teeth, therefore easing the causes of TMJD and lessening any pain.

Teeth straightening Manchester improves overall dental health

Crooked teeth can be the catalyst that causes gum disease which can attack and undermine other healthy teeth if left untreated. Ultimately periodontal disease can cause bleeding gums and mouth sores and eventually lead to tooth loss.

Teeth straightening improves confidence and self-esteem

Mental health plays an important part in our overall health. A wide range of studies have shown that by having a great looking smile, it not only increases self confidence and boosts self esteem, but ultimately it can dramatically improve our mental health.

If you’d like to find out more about how orthodontic Manchester treatment can improve your overall health then contact Church Road Dental and Cosmetics. We offer a wide range of discreet teeth straightening Manchester treatments ranging from traditional braces Manchester, through to contemporary state-of-the-art Invisalign aligners. So call us today on 0161 660 1218 to book your free consultation.

Invisalign Manchester vs Veneers – The Best Way To Straighten teeth

Invisalign Manchester vs Veneers – The Best Way To Straighten teeth

As an experienced orthodontist Manchester, we offer our adult patients a multitude of ways in which they can straighten teeth. The only issue is deciding which to use and which will give the patient the best results. Invisalign Manchester and porcelain veneers are both good options for straightening teeth and while the latter isn’t a specific orthodontic treatment per se, it’s often referred to as instant orthodontics. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at what Invisalign clear braces offers Manchester patients vs porcelain veneers.

So how do they straighten teeth?

Both are very different from conventional teeth straightening options. Invisalign for example doesn’t utilise brackets and wiring but instead relies on a series of clear plastic (invisible) aligners which are worn over the teeth like a gum shield. Each aligner in the series is designed to move the teeth a specific amount before it’s changed (usually every two weeks) for the next one. This continues until the final aligner is worn and the teeth are straight.

Similarly veneers also offer a different approach to straightening teeth. This time rather than physically moving them, the teeth are covered over and reshaped using a thin porcelain layer. This sits on top of the problem tooth giving you the appearance of straighter teeth and a better smile.

Advantages of Invisalign treatment

The main advantage that clear braces offers Manchester patients over porcelain veneers is that the whole natural tooth is preserved. This is good if you have an excessive or imbalanced bite which forces greater pressure through your affected teeth. On the contrary in order for veneers to be placed a thin layer of your natural tooth needs to be shaved off in order for the veneer to sit flush with the remaining teeth. Another benefit of Invisalign Manchester is that they actually correct the movement of tooth and the tooth root rather than masking over the problem cosmetically.

The advantages of veneers

Primarily the main advantage of veneers is that problems can be fixed within just one or two dental sittings, whereas Invisalign aligners can take up to two years to correct, depending upon the severity of the problem. Another advantage of course is that veneers don’t just straighten teeth, they can help with a whole host of other dental problems including masking badly discoloured teeth or helping with small (peg lateral) teeth. Finally unlike all other brace systems including Invisalign there’s no need to wear a retainer. Because the tooth root isn’t touched or moved, there’s no tendency for it to want to shift back.

As an orthodontist Manchester the good news for many patients is that they don’t always have to make a decision. In other words it doesn’t have to be an either/or choice. You can for example utilise Invisalign Manchester to move your teeth first of all and then use a porcelain veneer to mask a badly stained tooth that won’t respond to normal teeth whitening treatment.

Talk to us today about what veneers and clear braces offers Manchester patients today. To schedule an appointment call Church Road Dental and Cosmetics on 0161 660 1218.

What Clear Braces Offers Manchester Patients In 2016

What Clear Braces Offers Manchester Patients In 2016

In the 21st century, orthodontic treatment is a world away from the metal style braces of old, and none more so than Invisalign. Manchester adults who need orthodontic help for example, no longer need to display a mouthful of metal every time they smile or speak, and that’s what Invisalign offers Manchester patients. So what exactly are they and how do they work?

Clear braces offers Manchester patients discretion

Just like any other form of orthodontic treatment the Invisalign system moves teeth by applying continued and gentle pressure. However that’s where the similarities end. Instead of just one brace being worn for the entire length of the treatment, Invisalign involves a series of clear acrylic aligners that are worn over the teeth, just like a mouth guard. As the name suggests they’re virtually invisible. In fact, the only person who need know you’re wearing them is you!

So how do they work?

Unlike conventional orthodontic treatment which relies on tensioning wires to push and pull teeth back into position, the way that Invisalign straightens teeth is via the aligners themselves. Before patients embark on their orthodontic journey, a series of impressions and scans are taken which are then used to construct your bespoke aligners. Each aligner is designed to be worn in a sequence and will move the teeth a small fraction (normally 1/10mm). When the time is up and the aligner has done it’s job (usually 2 weeks) it’s changed for the next one in the series, which will then move the teeth a fraction more. This continues throughout the length of the treatment until the teeth have finally reached their desired position.

Fully and easily removable

In addition you may have already picked up on the fact that Invisalign aligners are designed to be fully and easily removable. In fact for best results Invisalign Manchester aligners should always be removed when eating, drinking, and cleaning teeth. Primarily this is so that the aligners keep their crystal clear colour and are not tainted by food and drink stains, but also because of hygiene purposes. Removing them before eating means that any food particles left behind can easily be brushed away before returning the aligners to the mouth. Do bear in mind however that for the clear braces to do their job of straightening teeth, they need to be worn for a minimum of 22 hours a day, so when you take them out, remember to put them back soon after.

So what can Invisalign offer patients?

Clear braces offers manchester patients the chance to undergo orthodontic treatment without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious. The aligner system also gives patients the flexibility to be in control of their own treatment, allowing them to carry on with their everyday lifestyle. Finally, Invisalign offers Manchester patients a comfortable way to receive the orthodontic treatment they need without having to deal with sharp edges of conventional braces that plague many wearers.

To find out more about Invisalign Manchester and how it can benefit you in 2016 contact Church Road Dental and Cosmetics on 01621 660 1218 today. Dr Shi Karim and the team are happy to assist.

Invisible Braces UK – What Are They And How Do They Work?

Clear Fixed Braces – Just How Discreet Are They?

Although fixed brace appliances are the most commonly used type of orthodontic treatment for teeth straightening in Manchester, many systems utilise metal style brackets and wiring. While this mightn’t be an issue for many adults, it’s understandable that for some, it’s sufficient reason to dissuade them from wearing them. For these people a better option might be clear fixed braces. So what exactly are they?

As the name suggests clear braces are fixed in the mouth for the duration of the treatment but instead of using metal brackets and wiring which are clearly visible when the wearer smiles or eats, they utilise tooth coloured brackets and clear wiring which is typically harder to spot. Ultimately this means that the wearer can go about their daily life without feeling inhibited or self conscious.

So just how popular are clear fixed braces Manchester?

As more adults are wanting orthodontic treatment clear braces are becoming more widely used. In fact clear brace orthodontic treatments have seen a huge spike in use over the past 5 years and it’s thought that within the next ten to twenty years adult-style metal braces will be a thing of the past.

So how do they work?

Clear fixed braces work in exactly the same way as metallic brace systems in that they straighten teeth by applying sustained gentle pressure to push or pull the teeth back into position. In fact all the component parts are the same except that the metal brackets and wire are replaced with ceramic tooth coloured brackets and acrylic tensioners. The only difference being the latter are considered more fragile than the former, meaning a patient needs to take greater care of them. In addition, just like their metal cousins, discreet braces can be used for both longer term teeth straightening treatments or short term accelerated treatments.

What about cost of teeth straightening Manchester – Are there any vast differences in price?

Surprisingly treatment costs are on a par. In general terms, clear ceramic braces start at around £2500-£3000 and can rise to double this and more depending upon the type and length of treatment you need. Similarly costs for a visible metal style brace start around the same price and can rise to double that for more specialised lingual braces.

Ultimately clear fixed braces, do the same job as their metal counterparts with an equal amount of success. Except as the name suggests clear fixed braces are more suited if you feel particularly self-conscious about having a mouth full of metal.

If you’re concerned about your smile or you’d like to find out more about clear fixed braces, Manchester-based Church Road Dental and Cosmetics can help. With the experience of Dr Karim and his orthodontic team, we can advise you of the best treatment to suit your needs. To book your consultation contact us on 0161 660 1218 today.

Teeth Straightening Manchester – Inman Aligner vs Invisalign

Teeth Straightening Manchester – Inman Aligner vs Invisalign

If you’re seeking adult teeth straightening in Manchester that doesn’t involve traditional bracket and wiring style appliances, you have several options open to you. Two of the main contenders are the fast orthodontic treatment of the Inman Aligner (cost UK – around £1200-£1500) or the longer-term Invisalign system (cost UK – around £2500-£4000). Aside from the initial pricing, there are some other differences too, so with this in mind, let’s take a closer look.

The Inman Aligner

As the name suggests the Inman aligner uses an ‘aligner’ style process to straighten teeth as opposed to conventional brackets and wiring. This utilises a series of springs and bows which apply continued gentle force in order to push and pull the teeth back into position. Primarily it’s used for those who failed to wear a retainer after wearing braces as a child and subsequently their front teeth have crowded. Generally these people no longer want the ordeal of having to wear full braces, but need a solution to their crowded teeth problems. For these reasons the Inman Aligner fits the bill perfectly. While the Invisalign system can also do this, its preferred use is for long-term, full orthodontic treatment. This is something the Inman Aligner can’t do.

Because the Inman Aligner concentrates its efforts on the front upper and lower teeth which are visible when you smile, success is usually fast. Orthodontic treatment involving the aligner tends to show results in as little as 4-12 weeks. However just like the Invisalign system, results are usually dictated by the patient’s willingness to wear the aligner which is designed to be easily and fully-removable.

So that’s the Inman Aligner. What about Invisalign?

If you have significant teeth problems and need long-term teeth straightening, Manchester dentists might suggest the Invisalign system. Just like the Inman Aligner it’s a removable ‘aligner style’ system that doesn’t rely on traditional brackets and wiring to move teeth. However unlike the Inman Aligner which relies on one single apparatus worn for the duration of your treatment, Invisalign involves a number or series of separate aligners. This could be up to 48 aligners for the treatment, depending upon the severity of your dental condition.

As a comprehensive orthodontic treatment, Invisalign works very well. However as we already know, a large range of tooth problems is something the Inman Aligner can’t fix. Should this matter? Not really no, because the reality is that perfect candidates for an Inman Aligner wouldn’t necessarily benefit better from Invisalign treatment and indeed, the opposite is certainly true.

Of course the type of patient needing treatment isn’t the only differing feature. If you’re after complete discretion then Invisalign wins hands down. Where the Inman Aligner has a small but distinctive metal bar that can be seen, Invisalign aligners consist of a series of clear acrylic shells that are worn over the teeth just like a gum shield. The idea being that each aligner moves the teeth to a subsequent position before it’s discarded and the next one in the series is worn. When the aligners are worn, it’s hard to notice them. On the contrary the Inman Aligner cost UK patients the chance of complete discretion. Whereas with Invisalign treatment taking anything from 1-3 years to complete, It means that patients can opt for long-term treatments without feeling self-conscious.

To find out more about teeth straightening, Manchester-based Church Road dental and Cosmetics are happy to assist. Come and talk to us about long-term or fast orthodontic treatment and start the ball rolling towards restoring that perfect smile. Contact us on 0161 660 1218 and book a consultation with Dr Shi Karim and the team.

Inman Aligner Before And After – Why Pictures Are Important

Inman Aligner Before And After – Why Pictures Are Important

If you’re a patient looking for orthodontic Manchester treatment you’re going to want to do your homework. You’re going to want to read testimonials of successful treatments in order to find the right system for you. What’s more, you’re going to want proof that the system you choose works. One way dentists can do this is through picture case studies. So what do we mean?

Let’s say you stumble across two rival dental websites. Both are local orthodontists and both have good information on relevant treatments. One has a lingual braces blog detailing everything you need to know about the treatment and the other also has a blog. However, this time it contains an actual case study complete with Inman Aligner before and after pictures. This is a real life patient and bone-fide proof that the actual system works. What’s more, given this information you may be more inclined to want to find out more about the practice and the procedure itself.

It’s not just the patient that lingual braces or Inman Aligner before and after images benefit. They also help any local dentist stand out from the competition too. For any orthodontic Manchester practice, success is measured in smiles, or rather – by delivering the perfect smile. There’s no better way to share that success with other prospective patients than by putting before and after treatment pictures on the practice website. Not only does it show potential patients the dentist’s ability as a great orthodontist, but it builds trust with those who visit the site and/or are looking for treatment.

Another reason that real pictures tend to work better is that surveys have proven that anyone looking for treatment will more than likely be drawn to real results with photographic evidence rather than smiley-faced stock photos. They capture the readers’ attention not only via great visuals but also because of their authenticity. A lingual braces blog therefore, complete with before and after pictures of proper case studies is going to attract the attention of anyone looking for discreet braces.

For patients, adult orthodontic Manchester treatments can be a daunting prospect. As such Invisalign, lingual braces or Inman Aligner before and after pictures have the ability to add a dose of healthy realism which most people can relate to.

To find out more about our wide range of adult orthodontic treatment contact Church Road Dental and Cosmetics on 0161 660 1218 today and  take the first steps towards restoring that great looking smile.

Is Fastest Orthodontic Treatment Always The Best

Is Fastest Orthodontic Treatment Always The Best

In your search for information on the fastest orthodontic treatment you might have come across procedures such as 6 Month Smiles Manchester and the Inman Aligner Manchester and wonder how they stack up against more traditional longer treatments. Let’s take a closer look.

In this day and age it seems that we want everything faster and cheaper. This is true in all areas of life including dentistry. For this reason when products such as 6 Month Smiles and the Inman Aligner arrived on the dental scene, they created quite a buzz. However, are they too good to be true?

Well yes and no!

Yes because they do exactly what they’re designed to do and that’s to straighten teeth within a very limited amount of time; and no, because while that sounds perfect, there’s a caveat.

Any fastest orthodontic treatment, whether it’s 6 Month Smiles, Inman Aligner, or C-Fast for example, will only straighten the front upper and lower teeth which are visible when you smile. The reason for this is that due to the accelerated time scale, quick brace treatments can’t straighten entire rows of teeth, AND deal with the problems of tooth root alignment. This is why most fast systems target the front 6-8 teeth only.

So what does this mean exactly?

For those who are simply concerned with the aesthetics of their smile and are looking for a quick-fix solution, then treatments such as 6 month smiles or the Inman Aligner Manchester work perfectly well. Here’s an example…

Let’s say that you’re a bride to be and are excited about your big day which is looming fast Understandably you want everything to be perfect including your smile. You aren’t overly concerned about the teeth at the back of the mouth because after all, no-one is going to see them. However you are concerned about an unsightly crooked tooth right at the front of your mouth.

In this case you might speak to a local orthodontist about 6 Month Smiles. Manchester-based dental practices who have on-site orthodontists might also recommend other similar treatments such as C-Fast, Secret Smiles, or the Inman Aligner, but the point is, they’re fast and they work! In the case of some accelerated treatments, results can be seen in as little as 6-8 weeks.

Now that’s all well and good and as you can see, there is a market for accelerated brace systems. However for those with more complex conditions, or those who are seeking an overall orthodontic treatment, there are a wide range of longer-term treatments that do the job better. This includes discreet treatments such as lingual braces which are worn on the back of the teeth, or the revolutionary Invisalign Aligner. Both of these treatments are far removed from the traditional bracket and wiring ‘mouth full of metal style’ systems of old. They take a holistic approach to teeth and can deal with that all important bite function as well as the aesthetics of a smile.

So there you have it! If you’re searching for a quick fix solution to improve the aesthetics of your smile, then fastest orthodontic treatment such as 6 month smiles Manchester and the Inman Aligner Manchester work very well. To find out more about speedy or conventional orthodontic treatment contact Church Road Dental and Cosmetics for an appointment. To book yours, call us on 0161 660 1218 today and start the ball rolling towards restoring that perfect smile.

Clear View Braces - What Are They and How Do They Work

Clear View Braces – What Are They and How Do They Work?

If you’re looking for a truly discreet form of adult orthodontic treatment then you have two real options; lingual braces Manchester and Invisalign. Manchester orthodontic practices tend to offer both but in this particular post we’re going to focus on the latter.

Otherwise known as clear view braces, Invisalign is an aligner style form of orthodontic treatment. Where lingual braces are attached to the rear of teeth using a traditional fixed bracket and wiring system, Invisalign works using a series of pre-programmed clear plastic trays known as aligners. Each aligner is custom made to fit over the teeth and moves them using continued physiological forces. The arch-wires of conventional braces also use physiological forces but instead of pulling, the aligners gradually push the teeth into the desired position. Force is generated by the flex of the plastic pushing on the teeth. Let’s just say that at the beginning your teeth are at position zero. The first aligner will allow your teeth to move to position one. Then the second aligner moves your teeth to position two, and so on and so forth until the final position (and indeed, straighter teeth) has been achieved.

Similarly to lingual braces, Invisalign Manchester braces are considered a full term treatment because they have the ability to treat a wide variety of dental problems. This means that typically treatment takes anywhere between 12-18 months to complete.

Fully removable brace system

We’ve already touched on the fact that Invisalign Aligners are fully removable but what exactly does this mean?

Unlike other bracket and wiring type systems which are permanently fixed to the teeth for the duration of your treatment, Invisalign braces are designed specifically to be easily removed by the patient. Although they need to be worn for between 20-22 hours a day, it’s necessary to remove them when eating, drinking, and cleaning the teeth. Right away this means that food particles and debris which can otherwise become lodged in between conventional braces can easily be removed. The only downside, if you can call it that, is that teeth should be cleaned after every meal. That said Invisalign braces are one of only a few orthodontic treatments which give you full control over when and where you wear them.

The bottom line is that not only are clear view braces invisible, they achieve the same results and more besides as conventional ‘bracket and wiring’ style treatments. For this reason they’re extremely popular amongst adults looking to take action against their less than perfect teeth.

To find out more about lingual braces Manchester or Invisalign Manchester come and talk to our orthodontic team right here at Church Road Dental and Cosmetics. Led by Shi Karim we have the experience and the skills necessary to help you restore your great looking smile. To book yourself a free, no-obligation consultation contact us on 0161 660 1218 today.

Manchester Invisalign – The Top FAQ's Answered

Manchester Invisalign – The Top FAQ’s Answered

As Manchester Invisalign braces are fast becoming the brace of choice for those with misaligned, crooked, or overcrowded teeth, more and more people are looking for information on this particular type of braces in Manchester. With this in mind we thought we’d create a post answering some of the most popular frequently asked questions. So let’s dive straight in…

Why are Invisalign aligners different?

Compared to other orthodontic braces, Manchester Invisalign are different in many ways. Firstly they don’t use brackets and tensioning wires to move teeth like conventional braces. Instead a series

of clear plastic aligners are fashioned to fit snugly over the teeth just like a gum shield. Each aligner gradually and gently pushes the teeth into a certain position before the next aligner in the sequence takes over. This continues until the teeth are finally in the right position.

Secondly, unlike conventional braces which are permanently fixed to the mouth for the duration of the treatment, Invisalign braces are designed to be removed when eating, drinking, and cleaning the teeth. This helps with better oral hygiene and makes cleaning the teeth easier

Finally unlike other braces that are visible when you smile or speak, Invisalign braces in Manchester aren’t. Because they’re made of a thin but strong type of thermo-plastic they can’t be seen by others when the wearer talks or smiles. So to all intent and purpose, they really are invisible.

What type of conditions can Manchester Invisalign treat?

Unlike other brace systems Invisalign aligners can treat a whole host of problems ranging from mild cases of protruding or crooked teeth to more serious malocclusions, overbites, and underbites. For this reason whatever your orthodontic condition it’s well worth talking to your dentist about Invisalign braces Manchester.

Is Invisalign treatment painful?

Some people experience a slight degree of discomfort during the first few days when changing aligners. This is normal and is typically described as a feeling of force or pressure on the teeth. However after a day or so any discomfort disappears and patients are able to go about their business as usual. This is a sign that your aligners are carrying out their role of straightening the teeth.

How long does treatment take?

The main thing to note is that Invisalign orthodontic treatment is not a fast or accelerated process. Unlike brace systems such as C-Fast, Secret Smile, and Six Month Smiles, Invisalign is a holistic treatment. This means that as well as straightening the teeth that are visible it also helps to correct root positioning and bite alignment. For this reason in Manchester, Invisalign patients will typically find that they wear their aligners for around 12-18 months. However this may change depending on the severity of your condition.

Can I smoke while wearing Invisalign aligners?

Although there’s nothing to stop you from smoking while wearing your aligners, it isn’t advisable. The reason is that the tobacco will stain the aligners turning them from a crystal clear white into an a yellow colour. Clearly they will no longer be invisible and can look unsightly. Instead just like when eating or drinking, it’s advisable to remove them when smoking. Do bear in mind however that for best results, Invisalign braces in Manchester need to be worn for between 20 and 22 hours every day.

I have a crown, can I still opt for Invisalign?

It’s perfectly fine for crowns to be worn during the Invisalign process. In fact crowns can become damaged during the removal process of some fixed orthodontic treatments. Whereas because Invisalign are removable anyway, you won’t have this problem.

How much does Manchester Invisalign cost?

Because each Invisalign aligner needs to be custom made, Invisalign treatment is at the higher end of the orthodontic treatment scale. Typically costs range from £1800-£3000 but this depends on the amount of aligners you need and the severity of the problem.

If you’d like to find out more about how Invisalign braces in Manchester can benefit you then come and talk to Church Road Dental and Cosmetics. We’ve been successfully supplying and fitting people with Invisalign braces Manchester for many years, so we have the experience and the skills you need. To book your free consultation contact us on 0161 660 1218 and take the first steps towards achieving that perfect smile.