Clear Braces Manchester Am I Too Old For Manchester Clear Braces

Am I Too Old For Manchester Clear Braces?

Clear braces Manchester are a far cry from the metallic brace systems of old that many of us wore through our teenage years. Because Manchester clear braces are far less prominent than the ‘train track’ style braces of old, adults are more willing to undergo some form of orthodontic treatment. However when it comes to age, it begs the question “are you ever too old to undergo orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign Manchester?” Let’s take a closer look.

Many adults are pleasantly surprised to find that orthodontic treatments have changed considerably in recent years and now patients can expect to wear braces that are smaller, lighter, less visible, and more comfortable. Patients who have conditions that can be treated with clear brace systems, no longer need to be concerned about how they look in braces.

So why would adults need to wear clear braces in Manchester?

Many adults have perfectly straight teeth when they are younger but as teeth are embedded into the jaw bone, the bone shape and density can change with age. This can affect the positioning of the teeth. For those who want to restore their great looking smile, orthodontic treatments are a good way to do this.

Are you ever too old to wear Manchester clear braces?

In a word no, however there are certain criteria that people should meet.

Firstly you need to have strong supporting facial structures including healthy bone. By healthy we mean bone tissue that’s plentiful and strong enough to be able to withstand the movement of the teeth over time.

Secondly to undergo treatments such as Invisalign Manchester, patients need to have a healthy mouth and this means healthy teeth and gums (eg, teeth that are free from decay and gum disease). So long as these criteria are in place, then to put it simply, you’re never too old for orthodontic treatments.

Some adults are under the impression that orthodontic treatments in older people are more painful because their bones and teeth have stopped developing and are therefore less flexible. This really isn’t the case. Clear brace systems are designed to place gentle but continual pressure on the teeth to ease them back into their correct position. Just like children and teenagers the only discomfort they might feel is for a day or so after the braces have been tightened or a new aligner has been placed.

Adult treatments may take slightly longer than children’s orthodontics. However this is often compensated by the fact that adults are generally more compliant and tend to follow the instructions of the orthodontist to the letter. Often this makes for a speedier treatment.

Whether you’re in your 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s, and want to bring back that great looking smile you once had then talk to us about Manchester clear braces. During a consultation our highly experienced team will discuss your clear braces Manchester options and from there you can make a fully informed dental decision about whether Invisalign Manchester, lingual braces, or tooth coloured ceramic braces, are best suited to your needs. Whatever you decide, one thing’s for sure. At the end of the treatment you’ll be a happier, more confident person with a fantastic smile.

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Clear Braces Manchester Invisible Braces Manchester – A Clear Way To A Great Smile

Invisible Braces Manchester – A Clear Way To A Great Smile

Clear braces offers Manchester residents a way to obtain a great looking smile without the need for a mouthful of unattractive wire and brackets. Instead invisible braces Manchester such as Inman aligners, lingual braces, and Invisalign braces Manchester offer a less conspicuous alternative which can enhance both self-esteem and physical confidence.

Treatable conditions for clear braces

While invisible braces might not be suitable for every tooth misalignment case they can be used to treat conditions such as an overbite, crooked or badly spaced teeth, and crowded teeth. They are mainly designed for use by adults and older teenagers because children and young teenagers, who either have their baby teeth or whose teeth are still developing, need the added security of metallic bracket style braces. In addition the clear aligner type such as Inman aligners and Invisalign braces are made primarily for the adult market because they need absolute and rigid cooperation for them to work. (The trays/aligners need to be worn for a minimum of 22 hours a day for the duration of the treatment)

Clear Braces Manchester types

Clear braces come in a wide variety of guises and are also known as cosmetic braces simply because, from an aesthetics standpoint, they’re more attractive. However let’s take a closer look at them individually.

Ceramic braces

This type of brace is very similar to the metallic style brace that we all know, except they use tooth coloured brackets and in some cases tooth coloured wiring. They’re non staining and blend in with your teeth making them less noticeable than their metallic counterparts.

Inside braces

These are even less conspicuous in that the brackets and wiring needed to straighten the teeth are attached to the back of the teeth rather than the front. Often known as lingual or I-braces they’re a good alternative for those who really don’t want people to know that they’re wearing braces in Manchester

Clear aligners

This type of braces is becoming more and more popular because they do away altogether with the traditional bracket and wiring that we associate with braces. Instead if we take Invisalign braces Manchester for example, they use a series of clear trays (otherwise known as aligners) which are placed directly over the teeth rather like gum shields. Instead of using tensioning wires, each individual tray in the series (and there may be as many as 48) is designed to move the teeth a certain amount until eventually, after a period of 12-24 months the teeth are straight. The downside is that they are more expensive than other forms of brace systems. However what this form of clear braces offers Manchester patients is a feeling of complete unobtrusiveness because as the name suggests, they’re made from clear plastic and are therefore virtually invisible. Also unlike other forms of clear or metallic style braces they’re removable, so they can easily be taken out when eating and brushing the teeth.

If you really do want to do something about your less than fantastic smile but don’t want to go down the conventional metal braces route then talk to us about Invisalign braces Manchester and other forms of clear braces Manchester. Why not book yourself a free, no-obligation consultation with Shi Karim and the team to discuss your options and enable you to make a fully informed dental decision. To book your appointment either visit our website at or contact us directly on 0161 660 1218

Clear Braces Manchester Clear Fixed Braces Manchester – Modern Braces For Modern Lives

Clear Fixed Braces Manchester – Modern Braces For Modern Lives

Modern day brace systems such as 6 Month Smiles Manchester and Invisalign, offers Manchester patients a refreshing alternative to the metallic style braces that we all know and (in some cases) hate. However they aren’t just for children. Surprisingly, according to the British Orthodontic Society, adults now make up more than half of the clientèle in many orthodontic practices throughout the UK. This is because as a nation (similarly to the Americans) we’re becoming more focused on achieving that perfect smile.

As a result more and more adults are wearing modern versions of those ‘train track’ style metal braces of old in order to tackle the problem of crooked teeth. However what if you’re very self conscious about the way you look or about how others perceive you? Well, there’s always clear fixed braces. Manchester orthodontists now offer this type of system alongside conventional metal braces and it’s proving very popular; but why?

They’re virtually invisible

Firstly and as the name suggests, clear fixed braces are usually made of clear plastic and/or tooth coloured wires and brackets. This means that when the wearer smiles they don’t have that unmistakeable glint of metal. In fact they’re virtually invisible. Brace systems such as Inman aligners, lingual braces and Invisalign, offers Manchester patients the same type of orthodontic treatment as metal style braces do except that they fall under the ‘clear fixed braces’ banner. Where they differ is that they may be worn in different ways. Lingual braces in Manchester for example are attached to the back of the teeth rather than the front, whereas Invisalign are worn more like clear transparent gum shields that are placed directly over the teeth. However they all do the same job. That’s not only to straighten teeth, but to re-orientate the tooth root and to correct bite alignment. Like metal brace systems they can take somewhere between 1 and 3 years to work their magic depending upon the severity of the problem.

Accelerated treatments

That said, clear fixed braces can also include accelerated treatments such as Secret Smile, C-Fast and 6 month Smiles. Manchester orthodontists recommend these very popular treatments for those people who are concerned purely with the aesthetics of their smile and not the underlying mechanics of it. For this reason these type of treatments tend to focus on straightening only the front teeth that you can see. In most cases treatments can be carried out in as little as six months.

Accelerated and holistic orthodontic treatments using clear fixed brace systems sit comfortably within 21st century society where people nowadays are more conscious about achieving that perfect look and this is why alternatives to conventional metal brace systems such as these are here to stay

If you want to find out more about clear fixed braces Manchester, 6 month smiles Manchester and also what invisalign offers Manchester residents looking to improve their smile, then contact our experienced team today. To book a free consultation call us directly on 0161 660 1218 or visit our website at

Clear Braces Manchester What Is Orthodontics And How Do Braces In Manchester Help

What Is Orthodontics And How Do Braces In Manchester Help?

Orthodontics is a system of dental treatments designed to improve the overall aesthetics, positioning, and function of abnormally crooked teeth. Dentists who specialise in this area are known as orthodontists. To get results they often use treatments such as such dental braces. In Manchester for example, braces come in a variety of styles. In addition to the conventional train track style metallic braces many of us wore as teenagers, brace systems such as lingual braces Manchester are also available.

Lingual braces work in the same way as conventional wiring and bracket systems except they’re designed to be fastened to the back of the teeth. As a result they’re extremely discreet and are great for those who simply don’t feel comfortable wearing traditional brace systems. One type of lingual brace is the Inman Aligner. Manchester orthodontists often recommend this as a popular method of straightening a patient’s teeth because of it’s discreet, almost invisible nature.

So how do brace systems like these help?

The first thing to note is that irrespective of the brace system you have, they’re all designed to carry out the same job and that’s to straighten and improve the function of teeth by applying gradual and gentle sustained pressure. Over a period of time, (usually somewhere between 1 and 3 years) the teeth will eventually get to a stage where they are considerably straighter. This in turn can improve the bite and overall strength of the teeth thus (hopefully) aiding longevity.

What happens if you don’t have straight teeth?

Aside from the aesthetics of having crooked, unsightly teeth, they can also have a big impact on your overall dental health. Crooked teeth for example attract tiny particles of food and debris which can easily get lodged in between. Under normal circumstances a toothbrush should be able to reach around 95% of all food particles left after eating. The rest can easily be eradicated by flossing. However when teeth are crooked it makes the job that much harder and even flossing becomes difficult. When food debris is left it can turn to plaque which in turn builds up to attack otherwise healthy teeth. The results can cause cavities and even tooth loss. For this reason braces in Manchester such as lingual braces Manchester are the only real solution.

What about accelerated orthodontic treatments?

The sticking point with many types of orthodontic treatments is that they take time. This can involve years of continual dental visits to achieve the desired results. However treatments such as C-Fast, Secret Smile, and the Inman Aligner give Manchester patients a much faster treatment time. How come? In effect they concentrate on the aesthetic aspect only and don’t deal with the other aspects of tooth function and alignment. Typically, accelerated treatments tend to focus their attention on the front six teeth that you can see. This is perfect for those who are only concerned about the aesthetic appeal of their smile.

If you’d like to find out more about how Braces in Manchester such as lingual braces Manchester and Inman aligner Manchester can help improve your smile and overall dental health then why not contact us today. Book yourself a free, no-obligation consultation with Shi Karim and the team who will talk you through the various orthodontic treatments on offer. To book yours either contact us on 0161 660 1218 or visit our website at and start the ball rolling towards an improved smile and a healthy mouth.

Clear Braces Manchester Invisalign Manchester - Whats The Cost And Are They Worth It

Invisalign Manchester – What’s The Cost And Are They Worth It?

When it comes to orthodontics Manchester there’s one treatment that’s proving particularly popular and that’s Invisalign. Manchester patients who have undergone this particular treatment as an alternative to conventional braces usually end up paying more for the process. But exactly how much do Manchester invisalign treatments cost and more importantly, are they worth it?

Before we delve straight into the cost factor it’s important to explain a little about them and how they work. Just like dental implants have done for restorative dentistry, some say that invisalign has revolutionised the world of orthodontics. The traditional wiring and brackets that many brace systems use have been replaced by removable clear plastic aligners which the patient wears over their teeth. They’re convenient, easy to fit, and they’re virtually invisible. They work in pretty much the same way as other brace systems in that they correct the directional growth of the teeth by applying gentle and continual pressure. Over a period of time (12 -36 months) the teeth straighten to reveal a great looking smile.

What about the cost?

Typically Invisalign Manchester treatment costs range from around £1800 for minor tooth movement through to £4000 for more extensive orthodontics. Manchester patients might rightly suggest that this is quite a lot of money especially when you compare it to conventional braces which cost somewhere between £2000 and £2500. However are they really worth the extra cost?

The fact is that Manchester invisalign braces offer a refreshing alternative to what can otherwise be deemed as invasive bracket and wiring systems in that they offer people a different, and some say better way, to have straighter healthier teeth. Especially those who might have never considered braces before. As the name suggests they’re virtually invisible therefore patients can go about their everyday lives without having to worry about feeling self-conscious about wearing them. Unlike other brace systems they’re also easily removable so that the wearer can eat, drink, and clean their teeth easily. That said it is advised that they be worn for around 22 hours a day for best results.

Are they any better than conventional braces?

At the end of the day, it’s all about the results. However, there’s no clear evidence to suggest that Invisalign treatments fair any better than conventional bracket and wiring brace systems. So in reality whether you should pay the extra for Invisalign in Manchester is a decision that needs to be made between you and your orthodontist. If it’s the aesthetic appearance of other brace systems that put you off from wearing them, then Invisalign treatments might be worth the extra costs involved. However if your priority is having straighter healthier teeth and you’re not particularly bothered about the interim aesthetics of wearing braces, then other orthodontic treatments might suit you better.

If you’re looking for further information on Manchester invisalign treatments or any other orthodontic solutions, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experienced team have been fitting various types of brace systems for many years, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. To book a free orthodontics Manchester consultation check out our website at or alternatively, you can contact us direct on 0161 660 1218. We look forward to hearing from you.

Clear Braces Manchester What Clear Braces Offers Manchester Patients

What Clear Braces Offers Manchester Patients

If you feel that your crooked teeth are ruining your smile then you might want to know exactly what clear braces offers Manchester patients? The fact of the matter is that clear braces Manchester carry out the same task as conventional metallic braces, except they offer a discreet alternative. Lets take a closer look.

There are in essence several types of clear brace. Firstly there’s the aligner type brace that’s worn like an invisible gum shield over the teeth. Secondly there’s the conventional clear bracket and tooth-coloured wire type that are connected to the front teeth. The final type are what are known as lingual braces. Manchester orthodontists recommend these for many patients because rather than attaching them to the front of the teeth, they’re fitted to the back of the teeth making them virtually invisible. They’re all designed to carry out the same tasks and that is to straighten teeth for that aesthetically appealing smile, align the tooth root, and make sure a patent’s overall bite is correct.

What about treatment time scales – What can clear braces offer patients in this respect?

Total orthodontic treatment works by applying gradual and gentle pressure to the teeth which in turn forces them back into the right direction. The procedure is suited to anyone with crooked, twisted, or flared teeth and can also help those who have a slight gap in between their teeth. Because gradual pressure is applied over a period of time it isn’t a quick fix solution, therefore patients can expect to wear clear braces in Manchester for anything from 12 months to 3 years, depending upon the degree of orthodontics required.

What about accelerated treatments?

There are many speedy orthodontic treatments available and what accelerated clear braces offers Manchester patients is a relatively quick solution to the problem of crooked teeth. We mentioned earlier that total orthodontic treatment isn’t a quick fix solution so isn’t this a contradiction? Well, yes and no! Firstly accelerated treatments have been proven to work and they can straighten teeth in as little as four months. Treatments such as C-Fast and Six Month Smiles for example have proven very popular. That said they can’t fix the other aspects of orthodontic treatments such as tooth root alignment and bite correction. Therefore accelerated orthodontic treatments do work but only for those whose primary concern is the aesthetic appeal of their smile.

The bottom line is that clear braces offers Manchester patients the chance to fix crooked teeth but in a discreet way. Lingual braces Manchester for example are a perfect solution for those who want to socialise but feel particularly self conscious about wearing more visible forms of brace and for this reason they tend to suit the needs of many people.

To find out more about whether clear braces Manchester are a good proposition for your problem teeth then come and speak to our experienced team today. To book an appointment you can either visit our website at or you can contact us directly on 0161 660 1218. We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic.

Manchester Clear Braces – What Are They And Why Are They Used

Manchester Clear Braces – What Are They And Why Are They Used?

Manchester clear braces are a type of orthodontic brace system that is more discreet than a traditional style metallic brace. As the name suggests clear braces Manchester are often made using clear polypropylene and tooth coloured wiring so that they appear far more discreet when worn.

However just to confuse you a little, the term ‘clear braces’ doesn’t solely apply to one single type of brace system.

Instead it incorporates a plethora of orthodontic treatments including lingual braces, Inman aligners, C Fast, and Invisalign.


Take Invisalign for example – Invisalign offers Manchester patients a chance to wear a removable brace system that relies on a series of bespoke, custom-made clear trays (otherwise known as aligners). These are worn on the teeth similar to a gum shield.

This process uses exactly the same principle as more conventional brace systems in that they apply continuous gentle pressure to force the teeth back into alignment, except that with the Invisalign system there’s no wiring or bracketing involved.

As the name suggests it’s virtually invisible giving those who wear it the freedom to socialise and live their life without feeling self-conscious. Treatment time usually takes somewhere between 12 to 36 months depending upon the severity of the case and the aligners need to be changed every 2-3 weeks.

Patients are expected to wear their aligners for around 22 hours a day, but can take them out when eating and brushing their teeth.

Accelerated Braces in Manchester

Understandably some people don’t want to wait between one and three years to achieve straighter teeth and for this reason Manchester clear braces also include a number of accelerated brace systems such as Six Month Smiles, C-Fast, and Secret Smile. In essence these types of orthodontic treatment concentrate mainly on straightening the teeth that you can see (usually the upper and lower front teeth).

In these cases results can normally be achieved within four to six months. The reason for the speedy results are that accelerated orthodontic treatments don’t tackle the other underlying issues associated with crooked teeth such as root straightening or bite correction.

Therefore these type of treatments aren’t suitable for anyone with more complex dental problems. That said, for anyone whose only concern is the aesthetic aspect of their smile, then accelerated clear brace systems might be the perfect solution.

Lingual brace systems

Another form of clear braces in Manchester is the lingual brace. These are different yet again because unlike other forms of orthodontic treatments which focus their efforts on the front of the teeth, lingual braces are connected by a series of lightweight brackets and wiring to the back of the teeth. This means that they’re far more discreet while also allowing for better oral hygiene

To sum up:

• Clear brace orthodontic treatments are discreet often using tooth coloured wiring and clear polypropylene bracketing.

• Clear brace systems incorporate both accelerated and traditional orthodontic treatment types

• Patients have a choice of bracketed/wired clear brace systems and/or aligner style systems such as Invisalign,

• They’re all designed to carry out the same task although accelerated systems tend to focus mainly on the straightening of teeth rather than other aspects such as tooth root straightening and bite alignment.

To find out more about Manchester clear braces or Invisalign offers, Manchester residents who are looking to improve their smile should visit our Church Road dental practice. Here our experienced orthodontic team will discuss your needs and requirements and help you choose the right braces Manchester treatment to suit.

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Lingual Braces Manchester – What Exactly Are They

Lingual Braces Manchester – What Exactly Are They?

If you’re searching for a discreet form of orthodontics you might want to opt for clear fixed braces. Manchester orthodontists offer patients a number of choices including Invisalign, C Fast, Six Month Smiles and Inman aligners. Manchester clinics such as Church Road Dental also offer a different kind of brace system known as Lingual braces Manchester, so what exactly are they and why are they used?

Lingual braces are a far cry from the metallic style visible brace system that everyone associates with orthodontic treatments. They’re different because they’re designed to sit at the back of the patient’s teeth rather than the front. Although they carry out exactly the same job as frontal brace systems in that they apply gentle and continuous pressure to straighten teeth, the brackets and wiring support the teeth from the rear making them appear more discreet.

First developed in the 1970’s lingual braces in Manchester have undergone numerous changes over the years and are now lighter and more compact than ever before. Ultimately this means that they’re far easier to hide behind your teeth.

So what are the benefits?

Some of the major benefits of lingual braces over other forms of clear fixed braces Manchester are as follows.

Eradicates the problem of poor brushing

Although clear fixed brace systems successfully carry out the same task of straightening crooked, twisted, or flared teeth there has always been the problem of being able to maintain a high standard of dental hygiene associated with them. This is because fixed frontal braces make it difficult for a person to brush and floss those crucial areas where debris and food particles can gather between the teeth. Because lingual brace systems are attached behind, this problem no longer exists and proper dental hygiene can be maintained.

They’re very discreet

Because they’re located behind the teeth they’re very discreet. While it’s true that there are other types of discreet brace systems such as Inman aligners, Manchester patients who have had lingual braces fitted suggest that they are even more inconspicuous than their counterparts. This is great news if you feel particularly self conscious about having to wear a form of brace system.

They’re non removable

Custom made lingual braces are fixed permanently in the mouth for the duration of your treatment. Therefore you don’t have to worry about having to take them out and clean them as you would other types of removable brace systems. This makes them virtually hassle free

Total orthodontic treatment system

Although some forms of lingual braces such as Secret Smile are classed as accelerated treatments (eg, they concentrate only on straightening the teeth that can be seen), most other forms of lingual braces are what could be deemed as more traditional systems. This means they have the ability to correct tooth root alignment and bite also. They’re classed as total orthodontic treatment systems taking somewhere between 12 and 36 months to complete. Because of this, lingual braces can often be used in more complex dental cases.

If you want to find out more about Lingual braces Manchester, or indeed any other types of clear fixed braces Manchester including Inman Aligners, Manchester residents would do well to visit our Church Road dental clinic. Here we can discuss your dental options and decide on an orthodontic treatment plan that fits in with your needs and requirements. To book your consultation either make an appointment via our website at or contact us directly on 0161 660 1218 and start the ball rolling towards a healthier, happier smile.