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Invisalign Manchester vs Veneers – The Best Way To Straighten teeth

Invisible Braces in Manchester – Are They Right For Me?

Chances are if you’re reading this post or a lingual braces blog then your smile is not something you’re happy with. In fact, the figures show that you’re not alone, almost half of the population in the UK would love to improve their smile. This being the case, many people find themselves looking for braces in Manchester or researching Invisalign braces. Manchester residents may also feel that it’s too late to fix their teeth, or that it will take too long, or be too embarrassing. That’s where Invisible braces come to the rescue. Let’s take a look at two of the most popular discreet braces on the market today – Lingual Braces and Invisalign.

Both Invisalign and Lingual Braces are extremely popular nowadays due to their aesthetic advantages. They are very discreet and as a result, the wearer can often complete treatment without anybody even noticing. While we often find that patients have narrowed their options down between these two, it’s also important to understand why they’re different?

The biggest difference is that lingual braces use metal wires and brackets that are fixed to the back surfaces of the teeth, while with Invisalign braces, Manchester patients use a series of clear removable aligners that are worn over the teeth.

So is one better than the other?

In short, no! These braces are so different that it’s difficult to choose the overall winner. The right choice often depends on your preference and individual case. The only way to know for certain is by having a consultation with your dentist, who can recommend which type of brace will provide the best results for you personally. In the meantime though, let’s take a closer look at the In’s and out’s of these appliances to help you gain a better understanding of each.

Firstly, Invisalign Braces

When looking for braces in Manchester, many people may have come across Invisalign already, but they aren’t sure what they are, and more importantly, how they work?

The main benefit of Invisalign is that it’s an incredibly discreet way to straighten teeth without the use of any metal wires. It works by using a series of clear and removable aligners that are worn over the top of the teeth to slowly move them little by little into their final position. Unlike Lingual Braces which require just one fixed brace for the duration of the treatment, you have the responsibility to replace your existing aligner for the next one in the series, every two weeks. The Aligners are custom-made specifically for each individual and are smooth and comfortable to wear. With Invisalign braces, Manchester patients may also need the help of some small buttons which are attached to the teeth in order to achieve particular movements, but being tooth coloured, they remain hardly noticeable.

Some prefer a removable brace instead of a fixed one. The main reason is the when the aligner is removed it’s far easier to clean and floss your teeth thoroughly. This is instead of trying to squeeze your toothbrush between wires and brackets.

In addition, people also like the fact that you must remove the brace whilst eating and drinking. This means that unlike fixed braces, you no longer have to avoid certain foods. It’s also handy when it comes to special occasions as you don’t have to be wearing them if you don’t want to. Just make sure they’re in position for a minimum of 20 hours a day.

The ClinCheck provided with Invisalign is another great advantage for patients too. Your treatment is carefully planned from beginning to end using the latest CAD/CAM software. This enables you to see how your teeth will look after treatment using a digital representation of your teeth.

Lingual Braces

If you’ve been doing your research on braces in Manchester, or have been reading a lingual braces blog, you may already know that unlike Invisalign, lingual braces require the use of wires and brackets. However, what’s great is that they’re completely hidden from sight because they’re fitted behind the teeth. This means it has all the advantages of a fixed brace but yet offers faster treatment times. In fact, some lingual braces can be nearly 30% quicker. This is because modern technology ensures precision tooth movements which allow the teeth to move more directly into their new position, faster. Lingual braces are custom-made for each individual patient, so they always fit the inside of the teeth comfortably. In addition, they achieve great results by applying gentle and continuous pressure to gradually shift the teeth.

Lingual braces help treat a wide range of dental problems such as overcrowding, rotation of teeth, closing spaces and the malocclusions. If unsuitable for Invisalign braces, Manchester patients often find lingual braces are a great alternative as they’re able to treat more complex movements of the teeth.

For many of our patients, the deciding factor to have lingual braces is because they are fixed to the teeth for the full duration of treatment. This eliminates the risk of losing the brace and also means that it’s always hard at work. Some people struggle with the temptation to remove their aligners too often which can impact the end result and the length of treatment.

Although you may have done plenty of research, reading websites about braces in Manchester or a lingual braces blog, the best way to find out for certain which option is best suited for you personally is by visiting us for a consultation. Call us on 0161 660 1218 or fill in the booking form on our website to arrange an appointment. Whether you choose fixed lingual braces or Invisalign braces, Manchester-based Church Road Dental and Cosmetics are happy to help.

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Invisalign Braces Manchester – Transforming The Way We See Braces

While clear braces UK such as Invisalign braces Manchester, might not be the fastest of orthodontic treatments, they have revolutionized the way that we think about dental brace appliances. Instead of the traditional fixed bracket and wiring style brace system that we all know, aligner style clear brace systems offer removable acrylic trays which are worn over the teeth, just like a gum shield.

So what are the differences between Invisalign braces than normal dental braces?

Unsurprisingly there are many. We’ve already mentioned that this type of clear braces UK does away with brackets and wiring in favour of a clear plastic gum shield; but in addition, (particularly with Invisalign braces) Manchester patients may be surprised to learn that instead of one single appliance worn for the duration of the treatment, Invisalign involves a series of  custom-made aligners (trays) which are changed every two weeks.

So why is this?

Conventional braces move teeth by applying sustained pressure. This is done through a series of self-tensioning or adjustable wires which are threaded through brackets fixed to the inside or outside of the teeth. As the wires are made taut, they gradually pull the teeth into the right position over a period of time. As a result, just one appliance moves the teeth from start to finish.

Conversely, Invisalign braces Manchester use the flex of the resilient clear plastic to push the teeth gently back into position. Each aligner is designed to move the teeth just a fraction of an inch. Once that occurs, and the move is complete, the existing tray is discarded in favour of the subsequent aligner which takes over the next move. It’s this combination of individual moves which culminates in the final end result. The beauty of this system is that you know instantly whether the teeth are moving correctly because if they weren’t, the subsequent aligner wouldn’t fit properly.

Another difference is that they look nothing like a conventional brace appliance. For starters, they’re made from clear acrylic and are shaped just like a soft mouth guard. This means that there are no sharp edges that can rub or cause irritation. There’s no need for regular tightening and adjustments as the trays (aligners) themselves do this, and most importantly they’re designed to be taken out when eating and drinking. This aids dental cleaning and brushing.


While it’s true that they’re not the fastest orthodontic treatment, Clear braces UK do offer a discreet, comfortable way to straighten your teeth, that on the face of it are a million miles away from conventional brace systems. Why not come and talk to us today about Invisalign braces in Manchester today and see what all the fuss is about! To book a consultation contact us on 0161 660 1218 and let us show you the modern way to straighten teeth.

invisalign braces manchester

Invisible Braces Manchester – The Various Types Explained

As an adult, one of the biggest stumbling blocks that prevents people from having orthodontic treatment is a lack of discretion. Let’s face it, no adult wants to be seen sporting a mouth full of metal, but fortunately this is where dentists can recommend invisible braces. Manchester patients for example can wear them without feeling self-conscious about smiling or speaking. Indeed, treatments such as Invisalign braces in Manchester are about as discreet as teeth braces can be. That said, Invisalign Manchester are only a small part of what are designated as ‘invisible braces’ so let’s take a closer look at the various types available.

Ceramic ‘clear view’ braces

Similarly to traditional metal style braces, ceramic clear view brace systems utilise brackets and wiring which work together to move teeth back into alignment. Also just like conventional braces they are fixed to the mouth for the duration of the treatment. More often than not this may be 1-2 years. However where they differ is that rather than being made from metal, ceramic clear view braces make use of tooth-coloured wiring and brackets to ensure better discretion.

Lingual braces

If you’re in search of something slightly more discreet, you might want to consider lingual braces. Again they work by using brackets and wiring to push/pull teeth back into position and likewise they’re considered a longer-term treatment. However instead of the brackets being attached to the front of the teeth, instead they’re attached at the back. Ultimately this means that when you smile or speak your lingual braces aren’t on show. When it comes to Invisible braces, Manchester dentists will often recommend these to fix a wide variety of issues. The downsides are that because all the action takes place at the back of the mouth, they aren’t that easy to fit and in addition they can take some getting used to. That said, lingual braces are a popular choice.


Perhaps the ultimate in invisible brace systems is Invisalign. Manchester dentists often recommend these to patients who need mild to moderate orthodontic treatment, but want treatment that is totally discreet. Invisalign braces Manchester are radically different in many ways. In fact, they’re as far removed from conventional braces as it’s possible to get. For example where the others are fixed to the teeth for the duration of the treatment, Invisalign braces are designed to be fully removable. In addition brackets and wiring are exchanged for aligner-style clear acrylic shells which are worn over the teeth. I say ‘shells’ plural because rather than the one singular appliance, Invisalign treatment utilises a whole series of aligners which are changed every two weeks. This can mean as many as 48 different appliances all working to move the teeth spanning the duration of your treatment. On the downside, it’s thought that acrylic aligners aren’t as bio-metrically strong as bracket and wiring style braces and therefore aren’t recommended for those needing major orthodontic treatment. However for the ordinary person who simply wants straighter teeth as discreetly as possible then Invisalign ticks all the right boxes.

If you’re seeking Invisalign braces Manchester then come and talk to Church Road Dental and Cosmetics. With our experienced team on hand, we can answer all of your questions and concerns, allowing you to make an educated dental decision. To book a consultation call us on 0161 660 1218

What Is The Fastest Orthodontic Treatment and Why Choose It

What Is The Fastest Orthodontic Treatment and Why Choose It

Traditionally orthodontic treatment is a long process which can take several years. Treatments such as Invisalign braces Manchester, although radically different, can still take 18 months or more to produce the desired results. But what if you want the fastest orthodontic treatment what do you choose?

At our Cheadle Hulme orthodontics practice we offer a wide range of orthodontic appliances to treat a wide variety of dental problems. As well as conventional braces we also have what are known as accelerated or fast brace systems. These are braces that are designed to straighten the teeth in a fraction of the time of more long-term appliances. In some cases results can be achieved in a matter of weeks or months, rather than years.

So who are accelerated orthodontic treatments for?

Before we answer this question, we really need to talk about how speedy braces work. The reality is that they work in exactly the same way as longer conventional treatments in that they’re designed to apply continual gentle force to move teeth into the correct position over a period of time. The difference is that

  • They only straighten the front and bottom 6 teeth that are visible when you talk or smile
  • Unlike long term dentures they can’t fix underlying or complex problems such as straightening the actual tooth root itself, or major bite issues

So back to the question….. who are accelerated orthodontics for?

In the main those people who have minor dental issues such as a slightly gapped or uneven smile, and who aren’t overly concerned with any underlying fixes, are the perfect candidates. These include people that have an important upcoming event and want to look their best, or those who simply want a quick fix solution.

So just how fast are the fastest orthodontic treatment?

Treatments such as C-fast, Secret Smile, and Six Month Smiles, can straighten the visible upper and lower teeth within 6 months. However there’s one form of treatment that can eclipse these. Where something like the Invisalign braces Manchester can take 2 years, the Inman Aligner takes on average 9-16 weeks.

So to recap…. If you have minor dental issues and are looking to aesthetically improve your smile fast, then speedy orthodontic treatment may well be the answer. However it won’t suit those with medium to major dental issues or those looking to fix underlying dental problems such as the straightening of the tooth root. Instead for these people there are some great long-term orthodontic treatments available that don’t necessarily entail sporting a mouth full of metal. Out of the fastest orthodontic treatment, the Inman Aligner is arguably the quickest, but it does depend upon the  degree of treatment needed.

Our Cheadle Hulme orthodontics practice is used to dealing with a wide variety of teeth problems ranging from slightly gapped or flared teeth to overcrowding and malocclusions. So if you’re not entirely happy with your smile, then come and pay us a visit. Contact us on 0161 660 1218 to book a free consultation with Dr Shi Karim and the team.

Lingual Braces Before And After – How They Straighten Teeth

Lingual Braces Manchester vs Invisalign – A Comparison

While there are a variety of adult orthodontic treatments available, two of the lesser known are Invisalign Manchester and lingual braces. Manchester patients are turning to discreet orthodontic treatments as a way of maintaining their smile and when it comes to discretion, Invisalign braces Manchester and lingual braces are leading the way. But just how invisible are they? Let’s take a closer look…

Lingual braces

Lingual braces in Manchester are completely different from any other type of fixed brace system in that they attach onto the inside of the teeth rather than the outside. In other words when someone’s looking at a person wearing lingual braces, they would never know that they’re wearing them.

They work on exactly the same principle as traditional orthodontic treatments in that they use continual gentle force to push and/or pull the teeth back into position. This is done using the same kind of bracket and wire system that conventional braces do, except this time, brackets aren’t attached to the front of the teeth.

Like Invisalign braces in Manchester, treatments are long term, taking anywhere between 18 and 36 months to complete. They can be used to correct a whole host of dental problems including crooked or overcrowded teeth, gapped teeth, and mild to moderate over/under bite. Also like Invisalign, Manchester patients will have to pay more for the treatment because they’re custom made. However unlike Invisalign, technical training and expertise are needed to fit them.

The downside to wearing lingual braces is that they take a little longer to get used to. Because the system feels strange on the tongue at first, full pronunciation or words may prove difficult. However this is usually rectified after a few days when the patient gets used to wearing them.


As with lingual braces, Manchester patients can be assured of complete discretion with Invisalign treatment. However unlike the former, there are many differences. Firstly the Invisalign system is a removable ‘aligner style’ brace designed specifically to be removed when eating, drinking, and cleaning the teeth. This is to aid oral hygiene as food particles can become lodged in between the brackets and wires of conventional braces. Instead of being secured onto the teeth, Invisalign Manchester braces fit over the teeth utilising a lightweight, clear plastic gum-shield.

The other main difference between these and Lingual braces is how they work…

While lingual braces rely on a bracket and wire system to move teeth back into position, with Invisalign, teeth are forced into a certain position using a series of (in some cases as many as 48) aligners. These are placed over the teeth in sequential order at 2-3 week periods until the last one moves the teeth into the final position. Before a patient is given their aligners, a series of computer diagrams are drawn up plotting the gradual movement of the teeth. At any one time the dentist (and the patient) can see exactly the stage they should be at in order to create that great looking smile.

So what about the downsides?

The only real downside, is that because Invisalign Braces Manchester are designed to be removable, the patient has complete control over when they wear them. The issue is that they need to be worn for 22 hours a day to achieve best results, so the wearer needs to be sufficiently self-disciplined enough to do that.

As you can see, if you’re after discreet adult orthodontic treatment there are systems available. If you’d like to find out more about lingual braces Manchester, or Invisalign Manchester, then book yourself a consultation with Shi Karim and the team at Church Road Dental to discuss your options. Call today on 0161 660 1218 and take the first steps towards restoring your great looking smile.

Lingual braces Manchester Or Invisalign – A New Breed Of Braces

Lingual braces Manchester Or Invisalign – A New Breed Of Braces

For many years, when a patient underwent orthodontic treatment there was no hiding the fact. Why? Because every time the wearer laughed and/or smiled they greeted onlookers with a mouthful of metal. While metal style braces are still worn there is now a need for orthodontic treatments that are more discreet. This is where brace systems such as Invisalign Manchester and lingual braces Manchester come in. So how does this ‘new breed’ of orthodontic treatments work?

Firstly although Invisalign braces Manchester and lingual braces do the same job of straightening and correcting teeth in a discreet fashion, they are completely different systems. Invisalign braces for example are an aligner-style system that are designed to be fully and easily removable. Whereas, lingual braces are a more conventional bracket and wiring style treatment that is fixed permanently in place for the duration of your treatment. Let’s take a closer look at each type in detail.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are the most closely related to the conventional style braces that we all know. They use brackets and wiring, just like traditional brace systems do, and straighten teeth by the use of an arch of tension wire that applies continued gentle pressure, forcing teeth back into their correct position. However perhaps the most significant difference is that the brackets are fastened to the inside of the teeth along with any wiring. This means that when a lingual brace wearer smiles, speaks, or eats, a person looking at them wouldn’t be able to tell they’re wearing them. In fact from an aesthetics point of view, they’re completely invisible.

What about pros and cons?

The good thing about lingual braces is that they’re classed as a long-term treatment. This means that they have the ability fix a whole host of dental problems and issues such as over/under bite, twisted, crooked, and flared teeth, tooth overcrowding, and tooth root alignment. Treatment takes anything from 9 months to 24 months depending upon the severity of the problem and they are seen as very successful solutions.

On the downside, to fit lingual braces in Manchester patients will need to seek the services of a fully trained orthodontist who has experience in this field, as they aren’t normally fitted by a regular dentist. The other problem is that because they’re attached to the back of teeth, they can take some getting used to. Speech and pronunciation can be affected for a short while until people get used to wearing them. That said, this adjustment period normally only lasts for a few weeks.

Invisalign braces

An adult looking for a modern, discreet way of wearing braces might want to consider Invisalign. Manchester dental clinics are very excited to offer this type of orthodontic treatment and not without good reason. Like lingual braces, Manchester residents will be pleased to know that Invisalign aligners can fix a whole gamut of dental problems. However unlike lingual braces which attach to the back of the teeth, the aligners are worn like a gum shield sitting OVER the teeth.

Rather than wearing a single brace throughout the duration of your treatment, Invisalign braces Manchester are designed to be disposable and changed every 2 weeks. Because there are no brackets and wiring involved, Invisalign braces are fully removable. As such, they’re designed to be taken out every time a patient eats and cleans their teeth. Each aligner is made of clear plastic, so when worn it’s incredibly discreet. It’s also designed to be one of a series with each one a different fit. The idea is that that each aligner gradually forces the teeth into a pre-planned position. When this position is reached it’s replaced with the next aligner in the series, and so on and so forth, until the teeth are straight.

So what about the cons?

If you’re considering undergoing Invisalign, Manchester orthodontists will probably warn you that treatment isn’t cheap, especially when compared to other orthodontic systems, and this could be a sticking point for some people. However others might consider the cost a small price to pay for the sense of freedom and discretion they get from wearing them.

So there you have it, 2 types of new breed discreet braces that you might want to opt for.  If you’re still undecided between lingual braces Manchester and Invisalign braces Manchester then come and talk to our experienced orthodontic team at Church Road Dental and Cosmetics. Contact us on 0121 660 1218 to book a no-obligation consultation right now and start the ball rolling towards an attractive and healthy smile.

Invisalign Braces Manchester – The Future is Clear

Invisalign Braces Manchester – The Future is Clear

If you’re seeking Manchester invisible braces, it’s fair to say that they don’t come any better than Invisalign braces Manchester. In fact when it comes to appearing inconspicuous, Invisalign clear braces offers Manchester patients complete discretion. This means that adults can now wear orthodontic braces knowing that unless they mention it, work colleagues and friends, will probably never know that they’re undergoing orthodontic treatment.

While discretion is a big part of what makes Invisalign braces so special, perhaps the most striking aspect about this type of brace system is that it’s about as far removed from conventional bracket and wiring style braces that you can imagine. So what’s different? Let’s take a closer look.

One versus a series

Most conventional braces and even other aligner-style systems have just one brace that you wear for the duration of your treatment. Conversely when it comes to Invisalign braces, Manchester patients may be surprised to learn that treatment consists of a whole series of aligners, known as trays, which are changed every two weeks. This means that if a treatment lasts as long as 2 years, a patient may have up to 48 trays to wear during that time.

So why is this? Well…this brings us onto our next difference..

Not a bracket or wire in sight

The vast majority of so called clear braces and invisible braces Manchester utilise a bracket and wiring style system. While some are more discreet than others using tooth coloured brackets and thin wiring, people may still get a glimpse of metal when a person smiles or speaks. On the other hand, Invisalign clear braces offers Manchester patients complete discretion because they don’t use any brackets or wiring whatsoever. So how do they straighten teeth?

Each Invisalign aligner or tray is worn like a removable gum shield and is pre-programmed to move the teeth into a certain position. When the teeth have reached that position (usually within 2-3 weeks) the current aligner is removed and the next one in the series is put into place, where it continues to move the teeth into the next position. Once the final aligner in the series has been worn for the correct length of time, it will be removed to reveal the patient’s straight new smile.

Because there’s no bracket and wiring needed Invisalign alingers are comfortable to wear and since they’re made from a very light acrylic (virtually the same material as contact lenses are made from) they’re virtually invisible – hence the name.

The whole tooth and nothing but the tooth

Finally, while certain Manchester invisible braces such as lingual braces can correct the whole bite, the majority don’t. Instead they concentrate their efforts on correcting the lower and upper front 6 teeth that are visible when you smile. While Invisalign can do this, they can also address the whole mouth. That includes the non-visible teeth located right at the back. This means that they’re multi-functional and can deal with a whole host of underlying tooth problems such as bite alignment, overcrowding, and tooth root alignment too.

As you can see, Invisalign clear braces, offers Manchester patients the chance to wear discreet invisible braces Manchester like no other. They give a clear and concise indication of the direction in which orthodontic treatments are moving and so far, they really are the adult orthodontics of the future.

For further information on Manchester Invisible braces or if you’d like a free, no obligation consultation with the team, contact Church Road Dental and Cosmetics on 0161 660 1218 today.

Invisalign Braces Manchester – Looking At The Pros And Cons

Invisalign Braces Manchester – Looking At The Pros And Cons

Just like the Inman Aligner UK, Invisalign braces Manchester are a removable ‘aligner style’ brace system designed for straightening teeth. They’re discreet in their appearance and are a modern method of correcting a wide range of orthodontic issues. However like most orthodontic treatments they have their pros and their cons. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look.

Firstly the pros…

They’re very discreet

One of the main advantages of Invisalign Manchester is that it’s about as discreet as orthodontic treatments get. The aligners or trays themselves are made from a type of clear acrylic resin (similar to contact lenses) and as such are arguably less noticeable than other brace systems. They’re even inconspicuous to others during conversation, so for those adults who don’t feel particularly confident about wearing more conventional teeth braces, Invisalign offers the perfect solution.

Aligners can be removed easily

Despite the fact that Invisalign aligners are intended to be worn for around 22 hours a day, unlike fixed brace systems they are designed to be easily removed by the patient when eating, flossing, and brushing the teeth. This helps to ensure that the aligners stay clean while making it easier to enjoy food.

Maintaining good dental hygiene is easier

One of the problems with most brace systems is that it can be hard to maintain good dental hygiene, especially when the wearer has a whole series of brackets and wiring attached to their teeth. Food particles and debris can easily become lodged between the structure and it can then become difficult to reach. On the contrary, because Invisalign braces in Manchester are designed to be removed, it’s very easy to maintain high standards of brushing, flossing, and rinsing.

Less hassle

Most brace systems involve having to attend the dentist regularly for adjustments and progress checks and while this is necessary, it can become a bit of a hassle, especially if the patient is needing long-term treatment. Conversely with Invisalign, Manchester patients will only need to visit the dentist every 6 weeks or so to receive their next series of aligners and to have progress checks.

Now the cons …

Not great for non-compliant patients

Just as having fully removable braces can be an advantage for many patients, in others (particularly those that are non-complaint) it might be seen as a disadvantage. Like most removable braces including the Inman Aligner UK, they still need to be in place for a specified period of time per day to achieve the desired results within a given time frame. If the person chooses to take them out for longer or forgets to put them back in after eating, then treatment time will increase. Conversely with fixed braces the temptation to take them out is taken away from the patient as they can only be removed by a dentist, so they don’t have to worry.

Aligners can easily get lost

Invisalign treatment involves a series of removable trays which are designed specifically for you and are worn in sequence over a period of time. The problem is that because they’re designed to be so discreet they can easily be misplaced if you put them down on a patterned surface like a kitchen worktop (think contact lenses). If lost, that particular tray has to be uniquely made again for you which will mean additional costs.

Invisalign treatment doesn’t fix every condition

Patients with severely crooked teeth or extreme malocclusions aren’t always the best candidates for Invisalign braces Manchester. Instead there are other treatments available which are probably better suited. Therefore unlike other brace systems, Invisalign can’t treat every condition.

It can be costly

Because each aligner in the series is uniquely made for your specific condition at a specialist central laboratory Invisalign treatment can be work out more expensive than other orthodontic procedures in some cases. For this reason you may need to consider your investment.

While this pros and cons list sheds some light on your Invisalign treatment options, if you’re looking to find out in more detail about how Invisalign Manchester can help then you might want to speak to the team at Church Road Dental and Cosmetics. We offer a wide selection of orthodontic treatments including Invisalign braces Manchester, Inman aligner UK, plus a variety of other fixed and removable clear braces. Why not contact us on 0161 660 1218 to book yourself a no-obligation consultation where you can discuss your options. Start the ball rolling towards a healthier smile and a happier you.

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Orthodontic Treatments – Manchester Clear Braces and More

 Modern orthodontic treatments go way beyond those metallic ‘train track’ style braces that we knew as children and now include a wide range of Manchester clear braces specially made for adults. Many are discreet and are ideal for people who don’t want others to know that they’re wearing them. These include a variety of clear fixed braces Manchester. Alternatively, other braces such as Invisalign braces Manchester are not only discreet but are designed to be fully removable. Let’s take a closer look…

Firstly clear fixed braces

These types of orthodontic treatments come in many guises and are usually identified by their ceramic porcelain brackets and tooth coloured wiring. They can be used to treat a variety of dental problems such as crooked or twisted teeth, flared teeth, over-bites, tooth over crowding and uneven tooth spacing. They can either be worn as conventional braces (eg, attached to the front of the teeth using a discreet bracket and wiring system) or worn at the back of the teeth (as in the case of lingual braces). Clear fixed braces Manchester such as Six Month Smiles and C-fast can also be used as a fast or accelerated treatment to quickly achieve a better aesthetic look. Ultimately there are a number of brace systems that fall into this category and a skilled orthodontist will select the right type of brace based upon your needs, requirements, and degree of dental treatment needed.

Invisalign braces

When it comes to Manchester clear braces, Invisalign Braces Manchester are far removed from the bracket and wiring style systems we all associate with orthodontic treatment. Fashioned from  light acrylic they’re designed to slip over the teeth and are worn just like you would a gum shield. Also, unlike clear fixed braces where the patient is fitted with the one brace for the duration, Invisalign treatment involves a whole series of aligners or trays as they’re commonly referred to. Each tray is specially designed to move your teeth into a certain position before the next one in the sequence is fitted. The trays are changed every two weeks and there can be as many as 48 or as few as 12 depending upon the degree of treatment needed.

Invisalign braces are designed to be removed when eating, drinking, and cleaning teeth and placed back into position for the remainder of the day. However for Invisalign to work they really need to be in place for a minimum of 22 hours per day.

As you can imagine, each aligner has to be individually made based on the patients needs and requirements, and as a result they are more expensive than other forms of orthodontic treatment. However, being fully removable, and as the name suggests virtually invisible, they don’t impinge upon your life thus allowing users to carry on as normal.

So which is best – Clear fixed braces Manchester or Invisalign?

The reality is that they all do a great job of straightening the teeth – and in a discreet way. So it all boils down to preference, the type of dental treatment you require, your needs, and of course your budget. At Church Road Dental and Cosmetics our highly experienced orthodontics team are here to help, so if you’re considering Manchester clear braces and can’t make up your mind between clear fixed braces Manchester and Invisalign braces Manchester then book yourself a consultation with Dr Shi Karim and the team. To make an appointment you can visit our website at www.clearbracesmanchester.co.uk or contact us directly on 0161 660 1218. Remember you don’t have to put up with a less than perfect smile, so let us help you restore yours today.

Fast Orthodontic Treatment – Does It work?

Invisalign Braces Manchester – Discussing The Pros And Cons

Are you considering undergoing orthodontic treatment using Invisalign braces Manchester? When it comes to invisible or clear braces, Manchester orthodontists often recommend Invisalign braces UK depending upon the needs and requirements of the patients; but like every type of orthodontic treatment they clearly have their advantages and their disadvantages. With this in mind let’s delve a little deeper and discuss the pros and cons

They’re incredibly discreet

Aligner style braces such as Invisalign operate in a completely different way from traditional bracket and wiring style braces. Normally conventional brace systems gradually pull the teeth into position when the arch wire (this is a thin metal tensioner that runs from bracket to bracket) applies pressure to the brackets, which are in turn attached directly to the teeth. The problem with this system is that, even though tooth coloured wiring and smaller brackets are used, they can still be seen when a person smiles.

With Invisalign this isn’t the case. Instead a series of interchangeable clear plastic trays (known as aligners) are made to fit directly over the teeth like a gum shield. Each tray is a different fit and gradually over time, they combine to move the teeth into position. Because they’re fashioned from clear plastic and are bracket free,they’re very hard to spot meaning that Invisalign braces UK are about as discreet as  clear braces in Manchester get.

You get to see exactly what your teeth will look like

Invisalign uses a revolutionary computer system to help design each bespoke brace. What this means is that you get to see a computerised mock-up of the various stages of your treatment and exactly what your teeth will look like during and after the treatment. To be able to see exactly how  your smile is going to look once treatment has ended can be a great motivator.

They’re fully and easily removable

Unlike most conventional braces which are fixed in the mouth for the duration of your treatment, Invisalign braces Manchester are designed to be fully and easily removable. This is done so that aligners can quickly be changed by the wearer when the time is right to do so, meaning no continual trips to the dentist. Moreover, they’re designed to be removed while eating, and when cleaning the teeth. From a hygiene perspective this means that food particles aren’t likely to become trapped as they might with other fixed brace systems.

They fix many orthodontic issues

Unlike other clear brace or aligner style systems which are often only designed to correct the visible teeth that appear when you smile, Invisalign can treat a whole host of conditions. These range from mild to moderate, to overcrowding through to over/under bites, and even tooth root management.

What about the disadvantages?

They don’t come cheap

Because Invisalign braces UK are made bespoke for you in a specialised laboratory they don’t come cheap. Where conventional braces cost on average £1700- £2000 when fitted privately, you can expect to pay on average anywhere between £2500 – £4500 for Invisalign.

Need to be self-disciplined

While you can look on the fact that being able to easily remove your Invisalign braces is an advantage (and indeed it is), it can also be seen as a disadvantage. This is because in order for Invisalign to do the job they’re designed to do, they really need to be in place for at least 22 hours a day. This takes a lot of self discipline, especially when they get a little uncomfortable during the first few days of a new aligner fitting.

They can be hard to spot

Because they’re fashioned from clear plastic, Invisalign braces Manchester can be hard to spot when you remove them and put them down somewhere like a granite counter-top. This is why you get given special cases to put them in. However just like contact lenses, if you forget and put them down without storing them in the case, you could end up playing a game of hide and seek with your aligners. Obviously, that’s not great when you’ve only got two hours grace within a 24 hour period.

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