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The Ins and Outs Of Invisible Braces Manchester

In previous blogs we’ve talked at length about Manchester clear braces and how they’re different from more conventional appliances, but today we want to focus more on the treatment process itself. So without further ado, let’s dive straight in and take a closer look…

The initial consultation

Commonly known as invisible braces, Manchester patients who are looking to have Invisalign treatment will usually undergo a series of processes and it starts with a consultation. The dentist will first of all discuss your situation in detail and ask you to fill in a smile assessment. This will determine whether Invisalign is the right treatment for you. This is also your opportunity to ask any questions about clear braces Manchester such as length of treatment, costs, what you can expect etc.

Customised plan

The next phase of treatment is a customised plan. This can be carried out as part of the initial consultation, but it’s normally done over several visits. Firstly a series of scans and x-rays are taken of the teeth and mouth, plus a series of impressions. From the images the dentist will be able to plot your teeth movements virtually, so that you can see exactly how your teeth will look after you’ve undergone treatment. It’s a kind of glimpse into the future of your perfect smile. Using this your dentist will work out a specific treatment plan.

Custom aligners

After a few weeks you’ll receive your Invisible braces. Manchester patients should note that because they are made of a clear BPA-free plastic, they can be very hard to spot when put down on a surface such as a counter top. Therefore always keep them stored in the container they come in. To wear them simply insert the first aligner over the teeth like a gum shield (your dentist will give you a demonstration). It needs to be worn for a minimum of 22 hours a day, only taking it out to eat, drink, and brush the teeth. It’s important to wear it for as long as you can because this will maximise the treatment. Any less time means that it will have a knock-on effect as you go through the process.  Typically each aligner should be changed for the next one in the series every two weeks and the good news is that because they’re virtually invisible, people won’t even know you’re wearing them.

Regular dental visits

During the process, you’ll have regular dental check ups to make sure that your clear braces Manchester are doing exactly what they should be doing and that everything is on schedule. It’s also a good chance for your dentist to keep an eye on problem areas such as plaque build up or potential gum disease issues.

Your new smile revealed.

Finally when the last aligner has been worn you’ll see your new smile for the first time. You may have to wear retainers to keep your teeth in their new position, but this is something you should ask your dentist about.

So there you have it, the step by step process on Invisible braces Manchester.  If you need adult orthodontic treatment and are interested in Invisalign then come and have a consultation with us. Here you can get all your questions and concerns answered leaving you to make a fully informed dental decision. The fact is that Manchester clear braces have the ability to restore your great looking smile and  also give you a much needed confidence boost, so contact us on 0161 660 1218 and get the ball rolling today.

Adult Braces In Manchester – Are They Worth It?

Manchester Clear Braces – A Great Alternative To Metal Braces

It’s fair to say that orthodontic treatment has come a long way since the metallic ‘train track’ style braces of old. Nowadays Manchester clear braces are the perfect solution for those seeking a more discreet form of treatment. While clear fixed braces in Manchester utilise ceramic and tooth coloured wiring for a subtle and unobtrusive look, Invisalign offers manchester patients the chance to wear an orthodontic treatment that gives a truly invisible appearance. So apart from the initial appearance, what’s different about them?

The first thing you’ll notice about Invisalign is that it’s about as far removed from conventional bracket and wiring style braces as it’s possible to get. Instead Invisalign favours an aligner style system for straightening teeth. As such, there are no ugly brackets and wiring in sight. They’re made from a clear plastic acrylic and sit directly over the teeth like a gum shield. This makes them fully and easily removable. In fact they’re designed to be this way so that they can be taken out when eating, drinking, and brushing the teeth. Unlike conventional clear fixed braces in Manchester that rely on just one single appliance to straighten teeth, the Invisalign system utilises a whole series of interchangeable appliances that are used throughout the duration of your treatment. In some cases as many as 48 can be worn over a period of 2 years.

So how do they actually work?

Invisalign work pretty much the same as any other form of  orthodontic treatment in that they straighten teeth by applying continued gentle force to push and pull teeth back into position. With conventional brace systems however, this is carried out using self-litigating brackets and tensioning wiring which is fixed permanently to the teeth for the duration of the treatment. However Invisalign offers Manchester patients something different. Instead each clear aligner is designed to be worn over the teeth and will move the teeth a specified amount. When the first slight movement is complete, the existing aligner is replaced by the next one in the series which then moves the teeth further. Changes are made (usually every two weeks) until the teeth are finally in the correct position.

What sorts of problems can Invisalign help with?

Unlike other types of Manchester clear braces, Invisalign can fix pretty much any orthodontic problem. Because the system is designed to treat the whole mouth, and not just the immediate teeth which are visible when you smile, Invisalign aligners can help a whole variety of issues including cross bites, over bites, crooked teeth, flared teeth and gapped teeth. It really is a one stop shop for orthodontic treatment.

If you need adult orthodontic treatment but really don’t want to have to wear metal braces then why not take a closer look at what Invisalign offers Manchester patients. While some clear fixed braces Manchester are quite restrictive in what they can and can’t treat, Invisalign aligners are a holistic treatment for a wide range of  dental problems. To find out more, contact Church Road Dental and Cosmetics on 0161 660 1218 and talk to out experienced team for advice.

6 Month Smiles Manchester – What Exactly Does It Entail?

Manchester Clear Braces – What To Do If you Lose One

Manchester clear braces such as Invisalign have revolutionised the way we think about orthodontic treatment. No longer do patients have to wear a mouthful of metal if they choose not to. Instead clear braces offers Manchester patients a discreet aligner style brace system that they can take in and out as and when they choose. However because clear braces Manchester such as Invisalign are made from a clear strong medical grade thermoplastic, they become very hard to spot when put down on a surface like a kitchen worktop.  As a result they can easily get mislaid.

The issue is that Invisalign treatment works by using a series of braces rather than one. Each aligner moves the teeth to a certain position before the next one in the series takes over. As a result it’s imperative that they are worn in order. For obvious reasons the entire treatment will become problematic if you happen to lose one. So if this does occur what should you do?

Firstly don’t panic. As a precautionary measure it’s always best to keep your previous aligner. The reason is that you should always have something on your teeth. If you don’t wear anything for a period of time your teeth may be inclined to drift and all the hard work carried out this far will be undone. By keeping the previous aligner you’ll always have something to fall back on to avoid further movement.

The second step is to contact your dental practice right away. They will give you advice. You won’t be the first to have lost a retainer and you won’t be the last, so be honest and tell them what has happened. Whether you left it somewhere, accidentally put it in the washing machine, or the dog chewed it, they’ve probably heard it all before.

The first thing they’ll ask is “Have you been wearing the lost aligner and if so, how long for?” If you’ve worn it for a week or more, then it could be a case of simply moving onto the next one in the series.

If however you’ve only been wearing your Manchester clear braces for a day or two, or not at all, then the practice will need to order you another one from Invisalign. Patients should note that if this is the case, there will be a replacement or remake fee as this is a service that the company charges for.

Finally if you’ve lost your retainer (the device that’s worn after your clear braces Manchester treatment) then again, contact the practice immediately. They will put plans in place to fit you with another one. If your teeth don’t have anything to hold them in place, you run the risk of having your teeth move again, so speed is of the essence.

If you really want to avoid the hassle of losing an aligner here’s a top tip…

Always make sure that you take your aligner case with you everywhere you go. This way when you’re eating you can avoid the fatal mistake of wrapping it in a napkin and then forgetting it’s there, only to throw the napkin plus the contents inside away.

Remember, while clear braces offers Manchester patients the chance to have straighter teeth without all the conventional brackets and wiring that other braces do, they only work if you mind your aligners.

To find out more about Manchester clear braces, or about how we can help you restore your smile contact us today on 0161 660 1218. Our highly experienced orthodontic team have a wide range of clear braces Manchester to suit your needs and budget so come and talk to Dr Shi Karim and the team at our Church Road Dental Practice.

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Orthodontic Braces In Manchester – The Different Types Explained

When we think about orthodontic braces in Manchester, we probably cast our minds back to those metallic ‘train-track style’ braces we wore as children. However when it comes to adult braces, modern dental technology means that orthodontic treatments are not only more comfortable, but more discreet too. This mirrors the needs of those adults looking for a straighter smile.

In Manchester, clear braces for example is the the name given to any orthodontic brace system which is designed to be discreet. This includes traditional braces with tooth coloured brackets and thin wiring, through to aligner style braces such as Manchester Invisalign. As there are so many types and styles available, we thought we’d explain some of the main differences between them.

Bracket and wiring vs aligners

Despite the fact that there are a wide variety of orthodontic treatments on the market, they all carry out the same function. That is to straighten the teeth by applying a gentle force which pushes or pulls the teeth back into their correct position over a period of time. While the majority of orthodontic treatments are variations of the traditional bracket and wiring method, there are other’s such as Invisalign, which do away with this altogether. So what’s the difference?

When it comes to bracket and wiring style brace systems, small brackets are permanently attached to the teeth for the duration of the treatment using a special dental adhesive. Through these brackets is threaded a series of self-tensioning wires. Gradually, over time the wires tighten and as they do, they apply gentle but sustained pressure to the teeth pulling them back into the correct position. Once the treatment is complete the dentist removes the brackets to reveal straighter healthier teeth.

Conversely, aligner style braces such as Manchester Invisalign, do away with brackets and wiring altogether. With Invisalign in particular, the patient receives a series of clear plastic aligners known as trays which are worn over the teeth just like a gum shield. Each one is numbered and the idea is that the first aligner is worn for around 2 weeks and gently pushes the teeth into a pre-determined position allowing the patient to replace it with the next one in the series. The next aligner is worn for another 2 weeks and moves the teeth to the next position and so on, until the last aligner has been worn and treatment is completed. Unlike bracket and wiring style braces, aligners are designed to be easily removable by the patient (A) to enable them to change it for the subsequent aligner in the series and (B) so that they can be taken out when eating and cleaning the teeth. Although aligners such as Invisalign gives wearers the flexibility of being able to remove them, they still need to be worn for at least 20 hours a day for best results.

Manchester clear braces vs traditional metal braces?

As the name suggests clear brace systems such as 6 Month Smiles, Damon Braces and In-Line are designed to be discreet. For this reason they suit many adults who don’t necessarily want to be seen wearing a mouth full of metal. Because they’re made using specialised lightweight materials such as acrylic and porcelain, they are more expensive than say conventional metallic style braces in Manchester. As such patients might need to consider whether their discretion is more important over  cost.

What about lingual braces?

Lingual braces are a different entity altogether. They are classed as a bracket and wiring style of brace system, however rather than the brackets and wiring being attached to the front of the teeth, they’re attached to the back. The result is that when the wearer smiles, the brace can’t be seen. Although lingual braces aren’t really Manchester clear braces as such (eg, they aren’t made using tooth coloured brackets and wiring or clear plastic) they are invisible from the front, so friends and work colleagues needn’t know you’re wearing them.

So there you have it, the various types of braces in Manchester explained. Whether you prefer the aligner style brace such as Manchester Invisalign, or the equally discreet variety of Manchester clear braces, we can help you find an orthodontic treatment that helps fulfil your dental needs and your personal requirements. To find out more, contact us on 0161 660 1218 and book a consultation with Shi Karim and the team today.

Invisible Braces Manchester – What Are They And How Do They Help

Invisible Braces Manchester – What Are They And How Do They Help?

Okay so you probably know that there are many types of clear braces Manchester offering a more discreet way of wearing adult braces, but what about truly invisible braces Manchester? Is there really such a thing? Let’s take a closer look…

While many Manchester clear braces offer higher levels of discretion than say a conventional metallic style brace would, many systems can still be seen close up when the wearer smiles. For someone who for whatever reason doesn’t want anyone to know that they’re wearing them, this can still be a huge stumbling block to having straighter teeth. Because of this there are other forms of brace systems on the market commonly known as invisible braces. Manchester patients may be pleased to know that there are in fact two brace systems that really can justify the ‘invisible’ tag and that’s Invisalign and Lingual Braces.

Lingual braces

Similarly to many other forms of clear braces Manchester, lingual braces operate using a conventional bracket and wiring system. However unlike most Manchester clear braces, lingual systems are attached to the inside of the teeth and not to the outside. This means that they can’t be seen at all when a person smiles or speaks. Lingual braces are otherwise known as ‘incognito braces’ for obvious reasons and on the whole, they are a longer-term treatment, meaning that they can correct the whole mouth, not just the teeth you see when you smile. As such they can treat a variety of orthodontic problems usually within 1-2 years.


If you aren’t entirely sure whether you like the thought of wearing fixed braces permanently for 1-2 years, then another form of invisible braces Manchester is Invisalign. Unlike most other brace systems, including the lingual variety, Invisalign don’t straighten teeth by means of a tensioner at all. Instead the Invisalign system utilises a series of clear plastic trays, known as aligners which are placed over the teeth (rather like a gum shield). Each one is is made from a medical grade polymer similar to the material that contact lenses are made from. The idea is that each aligner is made to fit exactly over your teeth at a specific stage of your orthodontic journey. Every 2-3 weeks the patient takes the old aligner off and changes it for the subsequent one in the series. This carries on until they’ve reached the required number of aligners to reveal straighter teeth. In addition Invisalign aligners are supposed to be worn for 20-22 hours a day and are designed to be removed when eating and brushing the teeth. Ultimately Invisalign are about as invisible as braces get and what’s more, because they’re a longer-term treatment just like lingual braces, they can solve a wide variety of orthodontic problems.

So yes, although there are a multitude of clear braces, Manchester residents looking for 100% discretion guaranteed will be pleased to know that in Lingual Braces and Invisalign, they have two of the best forms of invisible braces Manchester that money can buy.

To find out more about invisible braces or indeed any other type of Manchester clear braces, contact  us on 01621 660 1218 for help. Alternatively, if you’re seriously considering improving your smile using adult orthodontic treatment but don’t know where to start, why not speak to Shi Karim and the team about a no-obligation consultation. We’ll take a closer look and listen to what you’d like to achieve and then make suggestions based around your needs.

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Orthodontic Treatments – Manchester Clear Braces and More

 Modern orthodontic treatments go way beyond those metallic ‘train track’ style braces that we knew as children and now include a wide range of Manchester clear braces specially made for adults. Many are discreet and are ideal for people who don’t want others to know that they’re wearing them. These include a variety of clear fixed braces Manchester. Alternatively, other braces such as Invisalign braces Manchester are not only discreet but are designed to be fully removable. Let’s take a closer look…

Firstly clear fixed braces

These types of orthodontic treatments come in many guises and are usually identified by their ceramic porcelain brackets and tooth coloured wiring. They can be used to treat a variety of dental problems such as crooked or twisted teeth, flared teeth, over-bites, tooth over crowding and uneven tooth spacing. They can either be worn as conventional braces (eg, attached to the front of the teeth using a discreet bracket and wiring system) or worn at the back of the teeth (as in the case of lingual braces). Clear fixed braces Manchester such as Six Month Smiles and C-fast can also be used as a fast or accelerated treatment to quickly achieve a better aesthetic look. Ultimately there are a number of brace systems that fall into this category and a skilled orthodontist will select the right type of brace based upon your needs, requirements, and degree of dental treatment needed.

Invisalign braces

When it comes to Manchester clear braces, Invisalign Braces Manchester are far removed from the bracket and wiring style systems we all associate with orthodontic treatment. Fashioned from  light acrylic they’re designed to slip over the teeth and are worn just like you would a gum shield. Also, unlike clear fixed braces where the patient is fitted with the one brace for the duration, Invisalign treatment involves a whole series of aligners or trays as they’re commonly referred to. Each tray is specially designed to move your teeth into a certain position before the next one in the sequence is fitted. The trays are changed every two weeks and there can be as many as 48 or as few as 12 depending upon the degree of treatment needed.

Invisalign braces are designed to be removed when eating, drinking, and cleaning teeth and placed back into position for the remainder of the day. However for Invisalign to work they really need to be in place for a minimum of 22 hours per day.

As you can imagine, each aligner has to be individually made based on the patients needs and requirements, and as a result they are more expensive than other forms of orthodontic treatment. However, being fully removable, and as the name suggests virtually invisible, they don’t impinge upon your life thus allowing users to carry on as normal.

So which is best – Clear fixed braces Manchester or Invisalign?

The reality is that they all do a great job of straightening the teeth – and in a discreet way. So it all boils down to preference, the type of dental treatment you require, your needs, and of course your budget. At Church Road Dental and Cosmetics our highly experienced orthodontics team are here to help, so if you’re considering Manchester clear braces and can’t make up your mind between clear fixed braces Manchester and Invisalign braces Manchester then book yourself a consultation with Dr Shi Karim and the team. To make an appointment you can visit our website at www.clearbracesmanchester.co.uk or contact us directly on 0161 660 1218. Remember you don’t have to put up with a less than perfect smile, so let us help you restore yours today.

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Inman Aligner Braces – What Are They And How Do They Work?

If you’re looking for cheap clear braces Manchester to improve your smile, then depending upon your circumstances, your dentist might recommend Inman Aligner braces. As far as Manchester clear braces go, the Inman Aligner is one of the most popular forms of brace system; but what exactly is it and how does it work? Let’s take a closer look.

Unlike many clear or non-clear brace systems the Inman Aligner can be easily detached from the teeth. This means that it can be removed for brushing and eating so it’s arguably more hygienic in this respect. Like other orthodontic treatments, it’s designed to be worn in the mouth where continual but gentle force is applied to gradually coax the teeth back into position. The Inman aligner is perfect as a stand alone treatment for many dental problems but can also be used prior to additional dental cosmetic treatments including the fitting of porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding, and teeth whitening.

So how do Inman Aligner Braces Work?

These innovative braces differ from the more conventional bracket and wiring style of cheap clear braces in that they operate using bows and springs. The aligner consists of an incredibly durable nickel titanium coil spring that powers two separate aligner bows. The spring pushes the inner bow forwards while pushing the outer bow backwards, resulting in a gentle force that is maintained throughout a very large movement range. This is why the Inman aligner works quickly. In most cases treatments are completed within 6-18 weeks.

For the best results this style of brace needs to be worn for at least twenty hours per day and regular checks are required every two to three weeks to keep an eye on progress.

When are Inman aligners not the best choice?

As with all types of fast-fix or accelerated Manchester clear braces, the Inman aligner isn’t designed to work on more problematic or complex dental cases. In this instance your orthodontist is more likely to recommend longer term orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign or conventional orthodontic treatments. They’re also not designed for those people who are looking for a holistic approach to teeth straightening such as root alignment too. Instead what Inman aligner braces do best is offer an alternative and speedy way to straighten the upper and lower teeth that show when you smile. For this they’re the perfect solution.

To find out more about the Inman aligner or any other form of cheap clear braces Manchester then come and talk to Church Road Dental and Cosmetics. Shi Karim and the team have been helping people restore their smiles for many years, with great results. For this reason we have the skills and the experience to help you too. Why not book yourself a free, no-obligation consultation with our orthodontic team on 0161 660 1218 or visit our website at www.clearbracesmanchester.co.uk and let us show you exactly what we can do.