Invisalign Offers Manchester - An Alternative To Metal Braces

Invisalign Offers Manchester – An Alternative To Metal Braces

Unlike metal style braces, or clear fixed braces Manchester, Invisalign offers Manchester patients the chance to opt for the most contemporary braces Manchester clinics have. Despite the fact that they’re considerably more expensive than more conventional orthodontic treatments, many patients are swayed by their advantages. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.


As the name suggests Invisalign braces are about as discreet as braces can be. Instead of a conventional bracket and wiring style fixing that most people associate with orthodontic treatment, Invisalign offers an alternative ‘aligner style’ solution. Here a series of unique and interchangeable plastic aligners are worn over the teeth rather like a gum shield. They work in exactly the same principle as other brace systems, in that they coax the teeth back into their correct position, by applying gentle and continual pressure. However because the plastic aligners negate the need for visible fixings, they’re incredibly discreet. Therefore for adults who feel self conscious about having a mouth full of metal, Invisalign offers Manchester patients an ideal solution.

They’re easily removable

Unlike conventional metal braces or clear fixed braces Manchester, Invisalign aligners are easily removable. They’re designed this way so that patients can take them out when eating and cleaning their teeth. One of the issues with fixed-style brace systems is that food particles can get lodged in between the fixings, and wearing them can also make it difficult to clean and floss teeth properly and thoroughly. That said, Invisalign braces still need to be worn for around 22 hours a day to be effective. However because of their ease of removal, patients do need a certain amount of will-power if they’re going to get the best out of the treatment.

Less time consuming

Metal style braces, and many clear fixed braces for that matter, usually need adjusting every 2-3 weeks. Normally this is done back at the dental practice. On the contrary, when a patient needs to swap their existing aligner for the next one in the sequence, it can easily be carried out at home by the wearer. Ultimately this means that instead of dental visits every 2-3 weeks, Invisalign patients only need to visit the dentist every 5-6 weeks for ongoing check-ups, so it’s far less time consuming.

Unlikely to cause irritation

Metal style braces in Manchester often contain sharp parts which can irritate the gum. This is why a wearer might have to return to the clinic when first fitted to get it right. Conversely, Invisalign aligners are made of clear plastic with no sharp edges, so they offer a more comfortable wearing experience.

As you can see Invisalign offers Manchester patients a refreshing alternative to metal braces and clear fixed braces Manchester. So if you’d like to try a different approach to conventional orthodontic braces, Manchester patients can come and talk to us about Invisalign. To book a no-obligation consultation you can ether contact us on 0161 660 1218 or visit our website at  Remember don’t let your crooked teeth zap your confidence. Start the ball rolling towards restoring your great looking smile today.

6 Month Smiles Manchester - What It Is And How It Works

6 Month Smiles Manchester – What It Is And How It Works?

When compared to other forms of orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign Manchester and lingual braces Manchester, 6 Month Smiles Manchester is a bit of an enigma. It might not be as discreet as lingual braces which are worn behind the teeth, or indeed aligner style orthodontics such as invisalign, but nonetheless, it’s a treatment which is proving very popular. With this in mind, what exactly is the 6 Month Smiles treatment, and how does it work?

6 Month Smiles is in essence a form of orthodontic treatment that is designed to correct and straighten the teeth which are visible when a person smiles. The system utilises tooth coloured nickel-titanium wiring and small metal brackets, which are fixed to the front of the teeth, to help correct a whole host of dental problems. Also, as the name suggests, it has the ability to correct problems within 6 months or under. This is a far cry from other orthodontic treatments that can take up to 3 years to complete.

So how does it work?

Unlike lingual braces Manchester which gently push and pull the teeth from the back, or Invisalign which place the teeth back into position using a series of a fitted trays known as aligners, 6 Month Smiles uses a combination of low force and low movement. Every time the tooth-coloured wiring is adjusted it gently and gradually pulls the teeth back into position using small movements. Over a period of 6 months, teeth are moved back into position.

What about disadvantages?

Unlike Invisalign Manchester and lingual braces, 6 Month Smiles is not designed to be a comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Instead it concentrates its efforts purely on the aesthetics of a patient’s smile. It can’t fix issues such as bite or occlusion corrections so  it isn’t the ideal solution for everyone

So who is it for?

Anyone that suffers from mild diastemas and spacing, tooth crowding, overlapping teeth, rotating teeth or extrusions/intrusions, might be an ideal candidate for 6 Month Smiles. Manchester dental practices will often recommend the treatment for use in these circumstances. Because it provides noticeable results fast, it’s ideal for those people wanting to transform their smile for a specific event. This might include a wedding or graduation, a job interview, an upcoming holiday, or even a special date.

To sum up

6 Month Smiles is an innovative cost-effective solution for those concerned purely with the aesthetics of their smile. As such it’s designed specifically to straighten the upper and lower front teeth that are visible when we smile. Treatment takes anything from 3 months to 6 months (hence the name). Unlike lingual braces Manchester or Invisalign, Manchester orthodontists will advise that they aren’t designed to fix underlying or complex dental issues, but instead are ideal for those wanting a discreet quick-fix solution.

If you’d like to find out more about 6 Month Smiles Manchester or any other orthodontic treatment, or if you’d like to book yourself a no-obligation consultation with Shi Karim and the team, visit our website to make an appointment at or contact us directly on  0161 660 1218 today.

Lingual Braces Before and After - Orthodontics Really Works

Lingual Braces Before and After – Orthodontics Really Works!

If you were to take a look at lingual braces before and after pictures, or an Inman Aligner before and after picture, you’ll see that orthodontic treatments really do work. At our smile Manchester clinic based in Cheadle Hulme we’re more than happy to show people the results that they could achieve by undergoing adult orthodontics using discreet removable or fixed braces. So how do they work and how long do they take?

Orthodontic treatments can fix a number of dental problems including crooked teeth, gapped or flared teeth, or even an over/underbite. Although brace and aligner style systems differ immensely in terms of design and fit, they all follow the same principle. That is to gently push or pull the teeth back into alignment using gradual but continual force. Over time (and this depends upon the degree of treatment needed) the wearer is left with straighter aligned teeth and a smile that they can be proud of.

In some cases the transformation between lingual braces before and after or an Inman Aligner before and after can be huge. In others, transformations may be more subtle. What’s more important is that at the end of the treatment, the patient is happy.

So what type of brace systems can a patient have?

There are many underlying factors that dictate the type of orthodontic treatment a patient will have.  These include:

  • Cost  – Some orthodontic treatments are more costly than others, so budgets may need to be taken into consideration
  • Type of problem – Certain brace systems are better at dealing with particular dental issues than others.
  • Patient’s needs – What does the patient want? Are they looking to treat just the aesthetics of their smile, or would they rather take a holistic approach to their teeth
  • Comfort and fit – Some brace systems may be better suited to an individual than others, so comfort and fit are important
  • Confidence levels – Certain adults might feel confident in their appearance and as such may be more than happy to wear modern-day bracket and wire style brace systems. Conversely others, who are more worried about their looks might prefer something far more discreet.

At our smile Manchester clinic we’ll take on board the needs of the patient, and balance this with the type of treatment needed, to come up with an orthodontic system that works for you. It could be that an accelerated brace treatment suits, such as C-Fast, Six Month Smiles or Secret Smile. Alternatively, a patient may need longer term treatment but would prefer to keep it discreet. In this case they might choose lingual braces which are fastened to the back of the teeth and not the front, or they may ditch the bracket and wiring style of brace altogether and opt for an aligner style treatment such as Invisalign.

As you can see, if you aren’t happy with your smile, Manchester orthodontic treatments can certainly help. Here at Church Road Dental and Cosmetics we invite you to check out our lingual braces before and after pictures, or an Inman Aligner before and after picture, to see the confidence boosting results that can actually be achieved. Why not contact us today on 0161 660 1218 or visit our website at and book yourself an appointment with Dr Shi Karim and the team.

Orthodontics Manchester – What's Life Like after Treatment

Orthodontics Manchester – What’s Life Like after Treatment

It can be pretty daunting knowing that you’re about to start a long term dental procedure such as orthodontic Manchester treatment. However when you get to the point where you’ve completed your orthodontics Manchester treatment and your braces can eventually come off, you should notice a huge difference in your smile. Not only that, you should also notice a difference in you and your life moving forwards. Let’s take a look at what that might be like.

You’ll be able to take better care of your teeth

As a smile dentist Manchester one of the first things we tell patients contemplating undergoing orthodontic treatment is that they’ll be able to take better care of their teeth. Let’s face it, when teeth are crooked and uneven, it can be difficult to brush and floss properly. Not only that, the nooks and crannies left when teeth are crooked makes it easier for food particles to become trapped. This can lead to a build up of plaque which in turn can ultimately lead to tooth decay.  Even though you mightn’t think so when you are wearing aligners or braces you will have healthier teeth.

You’ll have a healthier you!

You’ll probably be aware of the importance of oral hygiene for your teeth, but what you may not know is that successful orthodontic treatment in Manchester can not only aid your dental hygiene abilities, but can also mean a healthier you. There’s strong evidence to show that bacteria from severe gum disease for example can get into the blood stream causing an increased risk in heart disease, so by keeping your teeth in good healthy condition, it can also mean a healthier you

You’ll have way more confidence

Often when people suffer with missing, badly stained, or crooked teeth it can knock their confidence as they tend to hide their smile, and some even withdraw from social situations. Once your orthodontics Manchester treatment is complete and you can look in the mirror at your smile, it will fill you with confidence. What’s more, a great looking smile is undoubtedly more attractive and can also portray a certain level of confidence to others that you mightn’t necessarily have had previously.

You’ll be happier

Did you know that the more you smile the happier you become. According to research, when a person smiles more, even when they don’t particularly feel like it, they tend to score higher on a series of tests related to happiness. Clearly if you’ve just got back your great looking smile, then it’s likely you’re going to want to smile more anyway; and hey presto, a happier you emerges!

So there you have it – A fully restored smile can do so much for your health, your confidence, and your happiness so it’s no wonder why more and more people are seeking orthodontic Manchester treatment.

To find out more about how contemporary orthodontic Manchester braces and aligners can help you, contact our smile dentist Manchester for further details.

To book a free no-obligation appointment either visit our website at or contact us directly on 0161 660 1218. Dr Shi Karim and the team look forward to meeting you.