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Fast Orthodontic Treatment – Secret Smiles VS 6 Month Smiles

As a smile dentist in Manchester, we often fit patients with braces. Usually one of the first questions a patient asks is ‘how long do I have to wear it for?’ As adults, in particular, it seems that we want a great looking smile, but we want it fast. The good news is, that with modern advances in orthodontics, Manchester patients can have straighter teeth in a matter of weeks not years!

This is all thanks to the fast orthodontic treatment systems that are available today such as Secret Smiles, Six Months Smiles and C-Fast. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what two of our most popular speedy braces have to offer, Secret Smiles and 6 Month Smiles.

Both 6 Month Smiles and Secret Smiles promise fast and quick results in as little as 6 months. So what sets these two brace systems apart?

Well, the main difference is that Secret Smiles is a lingual brace that’s completely invisible because it’s fitted to the inside of your teeth. 6 Month Smiles, while still very discreet, uses tooth coloured brackets and wires on the front of your teeth. So it really depends on your preference.

Firstly, what are Secret Smile Braces?

Secret Smile braces is a modern teeth straightening system. What’s great is that it’s fitted to that back of your teeth, meaning that it’s completely invisible. As the name itself suggests, it could be your ‘secret’ to a great smile. These braces are custom made for each patient and use gentle light pressure to achieve the required tooth movements. You may often hear this brace also being referred to as a ‘lingual brace’ because this means ‘on the side towards the tongue.’

We find that this system is a particularly popular choice for people who have busy social lives or work in front of the public. In fact, lingual braces are even used by celebrities, two examples are Miley Cyrus and Kate Middleton.

Who can wear Secret Smile braces?

The good news is that when it comes to orthodontics, Manchester dentists can correct many different problems using Secret Smiles. Issues include overcrowded teeth, closing spaces between teeth, alignment of the gum line and treating protruded teeth.

They can be worn by anyone with mild to moderate teeth problems, so if you want the results of a fixed brace but without the visibility of metal wires, then this may be a great option to consider. By having a consultation with our Secret Smile dentist, Manchester patients can find out for certain whether or not they’re a good candidate for this particular treatment.

What exactly are 6 Month Smiles?

6 Month Smiles is a barely visible brace that uses tooth coloured brackets and wires. Unlike Secret Smiles, it’s fixed onto the front surface of your teeth instead. What’s great about this brace is that it offers all the benefits of wearing a traditional brace but is 75% quicker and of course far less visible than metal wires and brackets all at the same time.  So if you’re looking for fast orthodontic treatment, the good news is that the average treatment time is approximately 6 months. It works in a similar way to Secret Smiles in that this system only applies very light forces on the teeth. This means that they need to be adjusted and tightened less than conventional braces and are more comfortable to wear. As a result, patients can expect quick and convenient appointments.

Who can wear 6 Month Smiles?

6 Month Smiles can be used to treat a variety of issues, like overcrowding and closing gaps between the teeth. It can also be used to treat teeth that overlap too much, if the front or lower teeth stick out too far or if the teeth bite on the wrong side of each other. It’s also possible to correct misplaced mid-lines. This is when the centre lines of the upper and lower teeth don’t align properly.

How do they both work so fast?

Good question!

The simple answer is because these braces are only designed to straighten just the front six teeth instead of the full arch. In other words, it focuses only on improving the teeth that are most visible when you smile. With fast orthodontic treatment, it means you don’t have to face the long traditional treatment times of 18 months -2 years, especially if you only want a great looking smile without treating your bite. On average, treatments take between 6-9 months. So with both braces using the latest methods in orthodontics, Manchester patients can now move their teeth safely but quickly.

As you can see, braces have come a long way in the last decade and with these two modern advances in orthodontics, Manchester residents no longer have to suffer from low self-confidence over their smile.

If you’re looking for a 6 Month Smiles or Secret Smile dentist in Manchester for fast orthodontic treatment don’t forget to take a look at our before and after photos on our website www.clearbracesmanchester.co.uk to see examples of our great results. To book a consultation with us or to find out more about different types of braces we have to offer, call us today on 0161 660 1218.

Inman Aligner Before And After – What A Difference It Makes

Inman Aligner Before And After – What A Difference It Makes

If you’re looking for an efficient way to straighten teeth, then you might want to opt for the Inman Aligner. Before and after pictures often reveal a dramatic change in the aesthetics of a smile and at our Hulme orthodontics practice, we’d certainly recommend it as a fast fix treatment. Let’s take a closer look at why it’s so popular and how it works.

Any smile dentist Manchester worth their salt should, for a number of reasons, be recommending the Inman Aligner to anyone looking for an alternative treatment. Firstly, while it’s true that there are other aligners on the market, the Inman Aligner is unique because it has the ability to deliver results in a matter of months not years. In fact, although most cases are complete within around 4 months, patients usually see a noticeable difference within just a few weeks. Secondly, while not totally invisible like some removable aligners, the Inman Aligner is more discreet than other traditional metal-style braces. Finally, for patients with minor needs, it’s an ideal treatment because they don’t have to experience unnecessary intensive and invasive treatment that might otherwise cost them a great deal of time and money.

How does the Inman Aligner work?

As a removable brace system, the Inman Aligner utilises two opposing bows (the inner and outer) which are moved by a number of nickel titanium coil springs. As one spring forces the inner bow to apply gentle pressure to the front of the teeth by moving forwards, the other forces the second outer bow to pull back on the front teeth. This creates a squeeze on the teeth causing movement. Forces are gentle but sustained and unlike other brace systems, they can act over a greater range of movement. This is why the Inman aligner works so fast. For this reason, patients see rapid Inman Aligner before and after results. Sometimes in as little as 6 weeks.

Is there a catch?

In essence no! Like all other fast orthodontic treatments, the Inman Aligner is designed to straighten only the front 6 top and bottom teeth which are visible when you smile and for this reason, shouldn’t be used by anyone with more severe bite problems. However, as a fast orthodontic treatment for those seeking purely aesthetic improvements to their smile, it’s arguably the best there is.


Why not contact our Hulme orthodontics practice to discuss your options. To book a no-obligation consultation contact Church Road Dental and Cosmetics on  0161 486 0743 to make an appointment.

Adult Braces In Manchester – Are They Worth It?

Adult Braces In Manchester – Are They Worth It?

While many people know children who are currently wearing braces to help correct a bite or straighten teeth, not many people know of other adults who are in the same position. That’s because adult braces in Manchester have been developed extensively in recent years, yet are still relatively unknown. With this in mind, if you’re not entirely happy with your teeth, are adult braces Manchester the way forward? Our Smile dentist Manchester explains……

Provided the right type of orthodontic appliance is used, adult brace systems can treat a wide variety of problems. These include, malocclusions, overcrowding, crooked or flared teeth, and cross bites to name a few. That said, not every appliance is able to treat every treatment and appliances can either be classed as fast (in the case of accelerated orthodontics or slow (in the case of full-term treatments). Because of this you’ll need an experienced orthodontist who will decide on a particular type of appliance that will cure your dental problem and fit in with your requirements.

For instance, if you have an annoying gap in your teeth that’s visible when you smile but your remaining teeth and gums are healthy, you might want to try using accelerated braces in Manchester. These are quick-fire treatments that can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Treatments such as C-Fast, Secret Smiles, and Six Month Smiles are considered some of the most popular, although there are many others.

Alternatively if you have relapsed teeth because you didn’t wear a retainer as a child after having conventional orthodontic braces, your dentist might suggest Inman Aligner braces. Manchester  patients will be pleased to know that like other fast treatments, they can take a little as a few weeks to correct any problem.

What about if you have larger underlying problems such as a bad bite or crooked back teeth? Your dentist may suggest full term treatments including conventional metal or ceramic braces. For that added discretion patients have an option of lingual braces which are attached to the back of the teeth rather than the front, or Invisalign removable aligners.

Despite the various types, any smile dentist in Manchester will tell you that all orthodontic treatment straightens teeth using the same principle. This is to apply sustained gentle force using either retainers or wiring to move the teeth back into position

For those who really care about how they look, particularly in regard to their smile, adult braces Manchester are definitely worth it. They can ether be used as a quick-fix, aesthetic solution in the form of fast orthodontic treatment, or a long-term holistic solution. Either way, braces in Manchester have the ability to improve lives and boost confidence and that in many respects makes them life changing.

If you’d like to find out more about how our smile dentist Manchester can help you to create that perfect smile using the power of orthodontics, contact us on 0161 660 1218 and book yourself a no-obligation consultation today.

Clear Fixed Braces vs The Inman Aligner – Which Is Best?

Clear Fixed Braces vs The Inman Aligner – Which Is Best?

Short term orthodontic treatment for adults is undoubtedly a hot topic. The ability to quickly move a limited amount of teeth is an attractive proposition for many people. The question many patients ask  when they visit our smile dentist Manchester is “Why choose full term treatments such as clear fixed braces, when accelerated treatments do it in a fraction of the time?”  In order to answer this, let’s compare long term fixed braces against the faster Inman Aligner treatment and see which is best.

While both clear fixed braces and Inman Aligner cost UK are similar, the key factor is to consider how you view each treatment. For example full term fixed brace appliances are usually worn for a minimum of 12 months up to a maximum of 3 years and in the right hands the results achieved are pretty close to perfection. By this we mean

  • All front and back teeth are back into their optimum positions
  • The tooth roots are also neatly aligned along with the teeth
  • Full orthodontic control so that any teeth can be moved into any position.

This is what you get with longer term treatments such as lingual braces, clear view braces such as Invisalign, and conventional clear fixed braces.

Alternatively short term or fast treatments such as the Inman Aligner don’t tick quite so many boxes.

  • Treatment can only move the front upper and lower teeth, so back teeth are ignored
  • Tooth roots can’t be straightened
  • While great results can be achieved, they can’t fix every single movement in the same way that fixed braces can.

So why would someone come to visit a smile dentist in Manchester seeking Inman aligner treatment?

While the Inman Aligner cost UK people restrictions on what can be achieved, let’s put it this way… If you had a choice to cosmetically improve your smile through orthodontic treatment in just 12-18 weeks, then you’d probably jump at the chance, and understandably so. As a result, for those people seeking a quick cosmetic fix to a relatively simple dental problem then they’d likely opt for fast orthodontic treatment over longer term clear fixed braces. However for those with malocclusions, overcrowded teeth, and other bite problems then they’d be more likely to lean towards more conventional options.

Ultimately the only way to be sure of the direction you want to go is to talk to an experienced smile dentist. Manchester-based Church Road Dental for example offers free, no-obligation consultations where patients can get all their questions and concerns answered, allowing them to make a fully informed decision. To find out more about Inman Aligner cost UK, or types of clear fixed braces, book an appointment with us today. Call us on 0161 660 1218 and take the first steps towards restoring your perfect smile.

Orthodontics Manchester – The 4 Different Types Explained

Orthodontics Manchester – The 4 Different Types Explained

Not everyone has perfectly aligned teeth and this is why more and more children and adults are seeking treatments for teeth straightening. Manchester patients for example are becoming far more aware of the importance of straighter teeth and a visit to our smile dentist Manchester will give you all the information you need to know in order to make an informed dental decision. However just to give you a head start, if you’re having problems with your teeth, your dentist may recommend any one of 4 available orthodontics Manchester treatments. These are as follows…

Conventional braces

Normally made of stainless steel, conventional braces are the cheapest kind of orthodontic treatment. These are also the only type of braces available on the NHS. A series of brackets hold self-tensioning wires in place which run across the front side of the teeth. As they contract, gentle pressure is applied to the teeth which in turn moves them into position.

The downside is that they are highly visible, so they’re not ideal for those looking for something more discreet. In addition, they can also make it difficult to brush and floss around your teeth, so  dentists generally recommend that sticky foods should be avoided.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are only available through private dentists and feature brackets which are tooth coloured and wiring which is either white metal or clear plastic. They’re far more discreet so make an ideal choice for patients looking for less obvious forms of orthodontics. Manchester dentists do however, state that the tension wiring or plastic that helps to straighten the teeth can be prone to staining. Because of this, the wiring should be replaced every month or so when the brackets are tightened.

The negatives are that ceramic braces are considerably more expensive than conventional braces and being ceramic, they can be prone to chipping or breaking, so greater care is needed when wearing them. That said a visit to a smile dentist in Manchester will give you all the details you need to make an informed choice.

Lingual braces

Unlike conventional braces or ceramic braces which are worn over the front of the teeth, lingual braces are secured behind the teeth. This requires a complicated process of fitting which only  specialised orthodontists can perform. Because the brackets are noticeably smaller and fit behind the teeth, those seeking teeth straightening Manchester using lingual braces need to have relatively large teeth. As a result they aren’t suitable for everyone and they certainly don’t come cheap. In addition because they impact the tongue when speaking, they can take some getting used to. That said, lingual braces are incredibly discreet and can treat a wide variety of problems. As a result they’re a great choice for those people who have customer facing roles or for those who are in the public eye.

Invisible braces

When it comes to orthodontics in Manchester, invisible braces are by far the most expensive type of braces that you can buy. However don’t let the price be the deciding factor because what they lack in value for money, they more than make up for in so many other ways.

Firstly invisible braces such as Invisalign aren’t really braces in the conventional sense of the word. In fact they don’t contain any brackets or wiring at all. Secondly, where all other brace types are fixed in place for the duration of your treatment, this type of ‘aligner-style’ brace system is designed to be easily and fully removable. Finally instead of having one brace for the duration of a treatment, patients have a whole series of them which are changed every two weeks.

So how does it work?

Each aligner or tray is made from a clear acrylic and is designed to fit snugly over the teeth, kind of like a gum shield. During this time the teeth are gently forced into a pre-determined position before the next one can be worn. This process is repeated until all of the aligners have been worn and the patient has reached the end of their treatment and achieved perfectly straight teeth.

Unlike other teeth straightening Manchester techniques, invisible braces such as Invisalign are designed to be removed every time the wearer eats or cleans their teeth. This helps protect the teeth from any tartar build-up.

The only negative aside from the price is that you need to be disciplined enough to keep them in for 20 hours plus a day and also, because the trays are virtually invisible, just like a contact lens they can easily be misplaced.

So there you have it, the 4 different types of orthodontic treatments explained. If you’re seeking orthodontics Manchester treatment because you’re in need of teeth straightening Manchester,  come and visit our smile dentist Manchester for a consultation. To book yours contact us on 0161  660 1218 today and start the ball rolling towards a straighter smile and healthier teeth.

What Does The Inman Aligner Cost UK Patients?

Inman Aligner Treatment For Orthodontics – How Does It Work?

If you suffer from crooked, gapped, or misaligned teeth then you might be referred to an experienced orthodontic Manchester dentist for help. They can suggest a number of ways to help you achieve a great looking smile; one of them being Inman aligner treatment. But what exactly is it and how does it work?

When a smile dentist Manchester suggests the Inman Aligner you might be surprised to learn that it isn’t like your typical orthodontic brace system. For starters unlike many other types of braces it’s designed to be removable by the patient so that they can eat, drink, and clean teeth, without obstruction. Secondly, it does away with the traditional brackets and wiring in favour of sprung loaded bows which gently push and pull the teeth back into position. Ideally it’s used as a stand alone treatment but it can also be used prior to other cosmetic options such as teeth whitening, veneers, or cosmetic bonding.

So how does it work?

Unlike other brace systems Inman Aligner treatment utilises nickel titanium springs known as bows which push and pull the teeth back into the correct position. It’s designed to concentrate its efforts on the upper and lower front teeth that are visible when you smile. For this reason it won’t be a recommended course of treatment for those with more underlying teeth problems. That said, the Inman Aligner can offer the perfect solution for those with mild to moderate alignment problems who are looking to improve their smile quickly, perhaps for an upcoming event.

So how quick is it?

Your orthodontic Manchester dentist will have a better idea of how long your treatment will take when they examine your teeth closer. However as a general rule of thumb, treatment takes somewhere between 12 and 26 weeks to complete. When you compare it to conventional brace systems that can take between 2 and 3 years to complete, that’s fast! That said a speedy treatment does rely on the patient wearing the aligner for somewhere between 16 and 20 hours a day, preferably the latter. The bottom line is that if patients forget to put it in or don’t wear it for the required number of hours, treatment time will often take significantly longer. Ideally it should only be taken out when eating, drinking, and brushing the teeth, and should always be worn when sleeping. However the idea is that the patient has full control over their treatment.

If you’d like to know more about how Inman Aligner treatment can help you, or you would like to speak to an orthodontic Manchester dentist about ways in which they can help you to improve your smile, contact smile dentist Manchester at Church Road Dental and Cosmetics. We invite you to book a free no obligation consultation with Dr Shi Karim and the team to discuss your options. In doing so you’ll have a clearer idea of the types of treatments available, allowing you to make a fully informed dental decision. To make an appointment call us on 0161 660 1218 today and start the ball rolling towards a healthier smile and a happier you.

6 Month Smiles vs Inman Aligner Manchester - Which Is Better

6 Month Smiles vs Inman Aligner Manchester – Which Is Better?

If you’ve ever visited a smile dentist Manchester for orthodontic treatment in the past you’ll know that there are a multitude of orthodontic treatments that can help to straighten teeth, improve bite, and restore your smile. From discreet fixed brace systems such as lingual braces and 6 Month Smiles Manchester, through to removable aligner style brace systems such as Invisalign and the Inman aligner, Manchester patients can rest assured that there’s a treatment to suit both needs, requirements, and/or budget.

With this in mind, let’s take two of the most popular treatments (6 Month Smiles and the Inman aligner) and make a comparison to see which is better.

Firstly it’s worth pointing out that both the Inman aligner and 6 Month Smiles are what are known as fast or accelerated orthodontic treatments. That means that unlike other brace systems dental aesthetics can be restored in as little as 2- 6 months. But how do they directly compare?

Fixed vs removable

Unlike the Inman Aligner, the 6 Month Smiles treatment is a fixed brace system. This means that once in place it’s worn for the duration. This can make brushing and flossing more difficult as tiny food particles can become lodged in between the brackets and wiring making them difficult to shift. Conversely the Inman aligner is designed to be easily removed especially when eating, drinking, and brushing the teeth, therefore making it easier to maintain good oral health.


Many adults don’t like the thought of having to wear orthodontic braces especially if they’re visible when they talk, eat, or smile. So how do the Inman Aligner and the 6 Month Smiles Manchester  treatments stack up? The 6 Month Smiles braces are fashioned from tooth coloured brackets and wiring, which are relatively difficult to spot unless you’re close up to someone who’s wearing them. The Inman Aligner on the other hand consists of a thin bow or wire that sits right across the front of your teeth. While it’s not like wearing conventional metallic braces, it’s arguably not as discreet as the 6 Month Smiles system.

What about treatments?

Because of the way that an Inman aligner Manchester is constructed, it’s perfect for tackling mild over-crowding in the front upper and lower jaw as well as for correcting teeth alignment and teeth protrusion. Conversely the 6 Month Smiles system does all of the above, but because it has a wider range of movement, it can also successfully close tooth gaps or excess spacing.

Braces vs aligner speed

When it comes to treatment speed your smile dentist in Manchester will tell you that this depends heavily on the severity of each case. 6 Month Smiles treatment (as the name suggests) takes on average six months to complete. However final results can be seen in as little as four months or as many as nine months. The Inman Aligner on the other hand uses a push/pull system to gently move the teeth into position taking lesser time (usually between six weeks to four months till treatment completion). So when it comes to treatment speed the Inman Aligner has the edge.

So which is better?

As you can see, there are distinct advantages and disadvantages of both and choice depends on a number of factors including:

  • The type of dental problems you have
  • The speed in which you want treatment completed.
  • The visibility factor and
  • Whether you want your braces to be fixed or removable.

This being the case, it’s advisable to speak to your smile dentist Manchester who can help you find the right orthodontic treatment for you.

If you have overcrowded, crooked, uneven, or protruding teeth and would like to find out more about how 6 Month Smiles Manchester or an Inman Aligner Manchester can help you restore your smile, come and speak to Church Road Dental and Cosmetics. To book an appointment either visit our website at www.clearbracesmanchester.co.uk or contact us directly on 0161 660 1218 today. On behalf of Shi Karim and the team, we look forward to welcoming you.

Fastest Orthodontic Treatment And Does It Work

What’s The Fastest Orthodontic Treatment And Does It Work?

If you have an improper bite or crooked teeth and are looking to restore your great looking smile, there are a wide range of orthodontic treatments that will help you do exactly this. From procedures such as Inman Aligner treatment and Invisalign, through to more conventional metallic braces, they all offer various ways of straightening a patient’s teeth. The issue is that many of these procedures can often take up to 2 years to complete. So what’s the fastest orthodontic treatment and more importantly, how reliable is it?

At our smile dental clinic, the good news is that for those who don’t want to necessarily wait years to get results, we’ve got it covered. We offer a variety of treatments known as accelerated orthodontics which, as the name suggests, achieves results fast. In some cases straighter teeth can be achieved in as little as 2-3 months, offering the perfect solution for adults who lead busy lives.

So what type of accelerated orthodontic treatments are available?

Surprisingly there are a wide number of options available. These include treatments such as C-Fast, Secret Smile, and Six Month Smiles and to a certain extent, Inman Aligner treatment which also falls into this category. Although they’re designed differently, they all carry out the same job and that is to straighten teeth fast.

So how do they achieve this?

In essence, most accelerated or fast orthodontic treatment concentrates their efforts on straightening the teeth that can be seen when you smile. Unlike conventional longer-term orthodontic treatments, they aren’t designed to deal with complex bite issues or underlying problems. Instead they’re ideal for those with minor teeth problems, or for those who would like an improved smile. At our smile dental clinic our experienced orthodontics team can help you achieve exactly that.

So what’s the fastest orthodontic treatment?

There isn’t really a simple answer to this as it all depends on the degree of straightening that needs to be carried out. For example, if a patient had a slightly crooked front tooth that needed straightening then treatment such as C-Fast or Six Month Smiles could probably solve the problem in a matter of weeks. However if a patient had several visible crooked teeth that may be causing a slight bite problem, then the dentist may recommend Inman Aligner treatment which can take six months or more to deliver the desired results. The reality is that the speed of the treatment depends heavily on the severity of the problem.

If you’re a busy adult and are looking to improve the aesthetics of your crooked smile then come and talk to us about accelerated or fast orthodontic treatment. Why not book yourself a free no-obligation consultation where Shi Karim and the team can help to to make an informed dental decision about whether or not fastest orthodontic treatment is the right for you. To book yours contact Church Road Dental and Cosmetics on 0161 660 1218 or book via our website at www.clearbracesmanchester.co.uk

Orthodontics Manchester – What's Life Like after Treatment

Orthodontics Manchester – What’s Life Like after Treatment

It can be pretty daunting knowing that you’re about to start a long term dental procedure such as orthodontic Manchester treatment. However when you get to the point where you’ve completed your orthodontics Manchester treatment and your braces can eventually come off, you should notice a huge difference in your smile. Not only that, you should also notice a difference in you and your life moving forwards. Let’s take a look at what that might be like.

You’ll be able to take better care of your teeth

As a smile dentist Manchester one of the first things we tell patients contemplating undergoing orthodontic treatment is that they’ll be able to take better care of their teeth. Let’s face it, when teeth are crooked and uneven, it can be difficult to brush and floss properly. Not only that, the nooks and crannies left when teeth are crooked makes it easier for food particles to become trapped. This can lead to a build up of plaque which in turn can ultimately lead to tooth decay.  Even though you mightn’t think so when you are wearing aligners or braces you will have healthier teeth.

You’ll have a healthier you!

You’ll probably be aware of the importance of oral hygiene for your teeth, but what you may not know is that successful orthodontic treatment in Manchester can not only aid your dental hygiene abilities, but can also mean a healthier you. There’s strong evidence to show that bacteria from severe gum disease for example can get into the blood stream causing an increased risk in heart disease, so by keeping your teeth in good healthy condition, it can also mean a healthier you

You’ll have way more confidence

Often when people suffer with missing, badly stained, or crooked teeth it can knock their confidence as they tend to hide their smile, and some even withdraw from social situations. Once your orthodontics Manchester treatment is complete and you can look in the mirror at your smile, it will fill you with confidence. What’s more, a great looking smile is undoubtedly more attractive and can also portray a certain level of confidence to others that you mightn’t necessarily have had previously.

You’ll be happier

Did you know that the more you smile the happier you become. According to research, when a person smiles more, even when they don’t particularly feel like it, they tend to score higher on a series of tests related to happiness. Clearly if you’ve just got back your great looking smile, then it’s likely you’re going to want to smile more anyway; and hey presto, a happier you emerges!

So there you have it – A fully restored smile can do so much for your health, your confidence, and your happiness so it’s no wonder why more and more people are seeking orthodontic Manchester treatment.

To find out more about how contemporary orthodontic Manchester braces and aligners can help you, contact our smile dentist Manchester for further details.

To book a free no-obligation appointment either visit our website at www.clearbracesmanchester.co.uk or contact us directly on 0161 660 1218. Dr Shi Karim and the team look forward to meeting you.