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Clear View Braces – Are They Better Than Invisalign?

Clear View Braces – Are They Better Than Invisalign?

When it comes to orthodontic treatment in Manchester, Invisalign aligners are often considered the ultimate in adult brace systems; but are they really better than more conventional clear view braces? Let’s take a closer look.

Let’s face it, even those adults who would benefit greatly from the type of fastest orthodontic treatment never go through with it because they are put off by the way that braces look when attached to the teeth. Now however, patients have the option of Invisalign.

Prior to 1998 when Invisalign burst onto the scene, the only alternative to metal style braces were fixed clear view ceramic braces or lingual braces, which were worn on the inside of the teeth. Although more discreet than say the metal variety, they could still be seen when the patient smiled or spoke. Now for the first time patients could have their teeth straightened without any unsightly wires or bracketing. Utilising a series of clear plastic aligners, each Invisalign aligner is designed to be worn over the teeth just like a gum shield. What’s more, unlike traditional style orthodontic treatment, each invisible aligner is designed to be easily removed.

So the question is…. Why then do dentists still use clear braces when on the surface of it, Manchester Invisalign appears to be so much better?

The main reason is that despite all the advancements in technology, Invisalign are arguably bio-metrically inferior to more traditional types of clear view braces. Some dentists suggest that it’s more difficult for plastic shells to create the complex forces of movement needed to properly align both the tooth and the tooth root. For this reason many dentists still prefer to use conventional brackets and wiring to correct more complex or severe cases and/or those requiring the fastest orthodontic treatment.

So to sum up…

Manchester Invisalign is radically different from any other type of orthodontic treatment and has revolutionised the way we think about adult braces. In most mild to moderate cases it presents the perfect longer-term solution for those people who want a better looking smile, but don’t want to go through the hassle of having a mouth full of metal. For this reason, Invisalign is very popular. However for those with more severe orthodontic problems, or those looking for a quick-fix solution, then traditional metal style braces or ceramic clear view braces are arguably the better option.

To find out more about the right type of orthodontic treatment for you, why not book a consultation with the team at Church Road Dental and Cosmetics. To make an appointment call us on 0161 660 1218 and take the first steps towards achieving a great looking smile.

What Is The Fastest Orthodontic Treatment and Why Choose It

What Is The Fastest Orthodontic Treatment and Why Choose It

Traditionally orthodontic treatment is a long process which can take several years. Treatments such as Invisalign braces Manchester, although radically different, can still take 18 months or more to produce the desired results. But what if you want the fastest orthodontic treatment what do you choose?

At our Cheadle Hulme orthodontics practice we offer a wide range of orthodontic appliances to treat a wide variety of dental problems. As well as conventional braces we also have what are known as accelerated or fast brace systems. These are braces that are designed to straighten the teeth in a fraction of the time of more long-term appliances. In some cases results can be achieved in a matter of weeks or months, rather than years.

So who are accelerated orthodontic treatments for?

Before we answer this question, we really need to talk about how speedy braces work. The reality is that they work in exactly the same way as longer conventional treatments in that they’re designed to apply continual gentle force to move teeth into the correct position over a period of time. The difference is that

  • They only straighten the front and bottom 6 teeth that are visible when you talk or smile
  • Unlike long term dentures they can’t fix underlying or complex problems such as straightening the actual tooth root itself, or major bite issues

So back to the question….. who are accelerated orthodontics for?

In the main those people who have minor dental issues such as a slightly gapped or uneven smile, and who aren’t overly concerned with any underlying fixes, are the perfect candidates. These include people that have an important upcoming event and want to look their best, or those who simply want a quick fix solution.

So just how fast are the fastest orthodontic treatment?

Treatments such as C-fast, Secret Smile, and Six Month Smiles, can straighten the visible upper and lower teeth within 6 months. However there’s one form of treatment that can eclipse these. Where something like the Invisalign braces Manchester can take 2 years, the Inman Aligner takes on average 9-16 weeks.

So to recap…. If you have minor dental issues and are looking to aesthetically improve your smile fast, then speedy orthodontic treatment may well be the answer. However it won’t suit those with medium to major dental issues or those looking to fix underlying dental problems such as the straightening of the tooth root. Instead for these people there are some great long-term orthodontic treatments available that don’t necessarily entail sporting a mouth full of metal. Out of the fastest orthodontic treatment, the Inman Aligner is arguably the quickest, but it does depend upon the  degree of treatment needed.

Our Cheadle Hulme orthodontics practice is used to dealing with a wide variety of teeth problems ranging from slightly gapped or flared teeth to overcrowding and malocclusions. So if you’re not entirely happy with your smile, then come and pay us a visit. Contact us on 0161 660 1218 to book a free consultation with Dr Shi Karim and the team.

Is Fastest Orthodontic Treatment Always The Best

Is Fastest Orthodontic Treatment Always The Best

In your search for information on the fastest orthodontic treatment you might have come across procedures such as 6 Month Smiles Manchester and the Inman Aligner Manchester and wonder how they stack up against more traditional longer treatments. Let’s take a closer look.

In this day and age it seems that we want everything faster and cheaper. This is true in all areas of life including dentistry. For this reason when products such as 6 Month Smiles and the Inman Aligner arrived on the dental scene, they created quite a buzz. However, are they too good to be true?

Well yes and no!

Yes because they do exactly what they’re designed to do and that’s to straighten teeth within a very limited amount of time; and no, because while that sounds perfect, there’s a caveat.

Any fastest orthodontic treatment, whether it’s 6 Month Smiles, Inman Aligner, or C-Fast for example, will only straighten the front upper and lower teeth which are visible when you smile. The reason for this is that due to the accelerated time scale, quick brace treatments can’t straighten entire rows of teeth, AND deal with the problems of tooth root alignment. This is why most fast systems target the front 6-8 teeth only.

So what does this mean exactly?

For those who are simply concerned with the aesthetics of their smile and are looking for a quick-fix solution, then treatments such as 6 month smiles or the Inman Aligner Manchester work perfectly well. Here’s an example…

Let’s say that you’re a bride to be and are excited about your big day which is looming fast Understandably you want everything to be perfect including your smile. You aren’t overly concerned about the teeth at the back of the mouth because after all, no-one is going to see them. However you are concerned about an unsightly crooked tooth right at the front of your mouth.

In this case you might speak to a local orthodontist about 6 Month Smiles. Manchester-based dental practices who have on-site orthodontists might also recommend other similar treatments such as C-Fast, Secret Smiles, or the Inman Aligner, but the point is, they’re fast and they work! In the case of some accelerated treatments, results can be seen in as little as 6-8 weeks.

Now that’s all well and good and as you can see, there is a market for accelerated brace systems. However for those with more complex conditions, or those who are seeking an overall orthodontic treatment, there are a wide range of longer-term treatments that do the job better. This includes discreet treatments such as lingual braces which are worn on the back of the teeth, or the revolutionary Invisalign Aligner. Both of these treatments are far removed from the traditional bracket and wiring ‘mouth full of metal style’ systems of old. They take a holistic approach to teeth and can deal with that all important bite function as well as the aesthetics of a smile.

So there you have it! If you’re searching for a quick fix solution to improve the aesthetics of your smile, then fastest orthodontic treatment such as 6 month smiles Manchester and the Inman Aligner Manchester work very well. To find out more about speedy or conventional orthodontic treatment contact Church Road Dental and Cosmetics for an appointment. To book yours, call us on 0161 660 1218 today and start the ball rolling towards restoring that perfect smile.

Fastest Orthodontic Treatment – 6 Month Smiles vs Inman Aligner

Fastest Orthodontic Treatment – 6 Month Smiles vs Inman Aligner

There are many situations why you might want to opt for the fastest orthodontic treatment. It could be that you have an upcoming event and want to look your best; or alternatively, you just can’t wait that long using conventional braces to achieve your dream smile. Either way, two of the speedier treatments are the Inman Aligner Manchester and 6 Month Smiles Manchester. Certainly with the latter, the name would suggest a speedy or accelerated treatment; but just how fast are they?

Before we go into the finer details of each treatment it’s worth pointing out that accelerated or fast orthodontic treatments are quick for a reason….

While speedy braces take a fraction of the time to straighten teeth, they have their limits. They can’t for instance straighten the tooth root or correct more complex bite problems. Instead they work by concentrating their actions on the front 6 upper and lower teeth. In other words accelerated treatments are ideal for those wanting a quick-fix solution to gapped or crooked front teeth which are visible when you smile. However anything more than this and long-term braces are usually the answer.

All that said, fast braces are on the rise, so which is the fastest orthodontic treatment?

6 Month Smiles

For those looking for quick smile treatment 6 month smiles would suggest that it takes around 6 months for the brace system to work. In some cases this is true but in many cases 6 months is usually the maximum time it takes. Generally speaking the average treatment time for 6 Month Smiles Manchester is around 5 months. That’s just 20 weeks! 6 month smiles are a traditional bracket and wire brace system. The brackets and wiring are permanently fixed for the duration of your treatment and work together to move teeth back into the desired position. This form of treatment works best for patients with mild alignment problems at the front of the mouth coupled with a great bite at the back.

Inman Aligner

The other candidate for fastest orthodontic treatment is the Inman Aligner. Manchester dentists will often recommend the Inman Aligner because unlike other brace treatments it’s easily and fully removable. In fact it’s only designed to be worn for around 20 hours a day. The fact that you’re supposed to remove it when eating and drinking prevents food particles from becoming trapped. Thus making the Inman Aligner one of the best options for retaining good oral health.

Also unlike 6 Month Smiles treatment it doesn’t operate under the conventional system of brackets and wiring. Instead the aligner uses a series of springs that power two aligner bows. (One at the front of the teeth and one at the back). As one pushes the other pulls, creating a gentle squeeze-effect on the teeth. Treatment time on average takes 6-18 weeks with the average being around 12 weeks or 3 months in length.

As with 6 Month Smiles it won’t be for everyone and successful treatment depends upon the severity of the condition. However assuming that all is equal, it’s safe to say that the fastest orthodontic treatment is most definitely the Inman Aligner with 6 Month Smiles coming a close second.

If you’d like to find out more about the Inman Aligner Manchester or 6 Month Smiles Manchester then contact Church Road Dental and Cosmetics today. Shi Karim and the team deal with all aspects of preventative, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry including fast and long-term orthodontics. Call us now on 0161 660 1218 and book yourself a consultation. We’re looking forward to helping you get the smile you’ve always wanted.

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Inman Aligner Manchester or 6 Month Smiles – Which Is fastest?

When seeking the fastest orthodontic treatment, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a variety of accelerated orthodontic systems that fit the bill. Treatments such as the Inman Aligner Manchester and 6 month Smiles Manchester are two of the most popular; but which is the fastest? Let’s take a closer look.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of each treatment it’s worth considering why someone would choose short-term orthodontic treatment over a conventional long-term system. In essence the answer is aesthetics. For those who have relatively healthy teeth but feel that a crooked, flared, or gapped tooth or teeth is ruining their perfect smile, they might opt for fast brace treatments. As the name suggests accelerated orthodontic treatment is far quicker than longer-term treatments. However there’s a good reason for that. Speedy treatments can only deal with straightening the upper and lower teeth that are visible when you smile and not the whole mouth. What they can’t do is to facilitate underlying issues such as tooth root alignment, bite correction, and any other further dental issues. Provided that people understand this, then accelerated orthodontic treatments definitely have a place.

So getting back to the initial question – ‘Inman Aligner Manchester vs 6 Month smiles Manchester which is fastest?

Firstly let’s take 6 Month Smiles…

6 month Smiles is more of a conventional brace system that utilises tooth coloured brackets and thin wiring. This makes for quite a discreet treatment. As the name suggests treatment should take six months, but often this is the longest the treatment will take, and in most cases patients are looking at a four month turnaround.

On the contrary with the Inman Aligner, Manchester residents can expect to see results within 6 -18 weeks depending upon the severity of the issue. This is because the springs and bows of the Inman Aligner both push and pull the teeth back into position allowing for a wider range of movement at a faster speed.

So because the Inman Aligner appears to be the fastest orthodontic treatment, does this mean that it’s the best one for you?

In a word..No!

This is because what might suit one patient mightn’t suit another and it depends very much on your dental issues. Yes all speedy brace treatments can straighten teeth, however some will also correct additional problems too. This is why choosing the right orthodontic treatment isn’t always about the speed of the result, but more about the overall quality and health of their smile. In some people this might take longer to achieve than others.

To find out more about the fastest orthodontic treatments and whether 6 Month Smiles Manchester or the Inman Aligner Manchester is best for you why not contact us today so we can go through your options. To book your free, no-obligation consultation with Shi Karim and the orthodontics team, contact us on 0161 660 1218 and take the first steps towards restoring your great looking smile once and for all.

Fastest Orthodontic Treatment And Does It Work

What’s The Fastest Orthodontic Treatment And Does It Work?

If you have an improper bite or crooked teeth and are looking to restore your great looking smile, there are a wide range of orthodontic treatments that will help you do exactly this. From procedures such as Inman Aligner treatment and Invisalign, through to more conventional metallic braces, they all offer various ways of straightening a patient’s teeth. The issue is that many of these procedures can often take up to 2 years to complete. So what’s the fastest orthodontic treatment and more importantly, how reliable is it?

At our smile dental clinic, the good news is that for those who don’t want to necessarily wait years to get results, we’ve got it covered. We offer a variety of treatments known as accelerated orthodontics which, as the name suggests, achieves results fast. In some cases straighter teeth can be achieved in as little as 2-3 months, offering the perfect solution for adults who lead busy lives.

So what type of accelerated orthodontic treatments are available?

Surprisingly there are a wide number of options available. These include treatments such as C-Fast, Secret Smile, and Six Month Smiles and to a certain extent, Inman Aligner treatment which also falls into this category. Although they’re designed differently, they all carry out the same job and that is to straighten teeth fast.

So how do they achieve this?

In essence, most accelerated or fast orthodontic treatment concentrates their efforts on straightening the teeth that can be seen when you smile. Unlike conventional longer-term orthodontic treatments, they aren’t designed to deal with complex bite issues or underlying problems. Instead they’re ideal for those with minor teeth problems, or for those who would like an improved smile. At our smile dental clinic our experienced orthodontics team can help you achieve exactly that.

So what’s the fastest orthodontic treatment?

There isn’t really a simple answer to this as it all depends on the degree of straightening that needs to be carried out. For example, if a patient had a slightly crooked front tooth that needed straightening then treatment such as C-Fast or Six Month Smiles could probably solve the problem in a matter of weeks. However if a patient had several visible crooked teeth that may be causing a slight bite problem, then the dentist may recommend Inman Aligner treatment which can take six months or more to deliver the desired results. The reality is that the speed of the treatment depends heavily on the severity of the problem.

If you’re a busy adult and are looking to improve the aesthetics of your crooked smile then come and talk to us about accelerated or fast orthodontic treatment. Why not book yourself a free no-obligation consultation where Shi Karim and the team can help to to make an informed dental decision about whether or not fastest orthodontic treatment is the right for you. To book yours contact Church Road Dental and Cosmetics on 0161 660 1218 or book via our website at www.clearbracesmanchester.co.uk