What Is The Fastest Orthodontic Treatment and Why Choose It

What Is The Fastest Orthodontic Treatment and Why Choose It

Traditionally orthodontic treatment is a long process which can take several years. Treatments such as Invisalign braces Manchester, although radically different, can still take 18 months or more to produce the desired results. But what if you want the fastest orthodontic treatment what do you choose?

At our Cheadle Hulme orthodontics practice we offer a wide range of orthodontic appliances to treat a wide variety of dental problems. As well as conventional braces we also have what are known as accelerated or fast brace systems. These are braces that are designed to straighten the teeth in a fraction of the time of more long-term appliances. In some cases results can be achieved in a matter of weeks or months, rather than years.

So who are accelerated orthodontic treatments for?

Before we answer this question, we really need to talk about how speedy braces work. The reality is that they work in exactly the same way as longer conventional treatments in that they’re designed to apply continual gentle force to move teeth into the correct position over a period of time. The difference is that

  • They only straighten the front and bottom 6 teeth that are visible when you talk or smile
  • Unlike long term dentures they can’t fix underlying or complex problems such as straightening the actual tooth root itself, or major bite issues

So back to the question….. who are accelerated orthodontics for?

In the main those people who have minor dental issues such as a slightly gapped or uneven smile, and who aren’t overly concerned with any underlying fixes, are the perfect candidates. These include people that have an important upcoming event and want to look their best, or those who simply want a quick fix solution.

So just how fast are the fastest orthodontic treatment?

Treatments such as C-fast, Secret Smile, and Six Month Smiles, can straighten the visible upper and lower teeth within 6 months. However there’s one form of treatment that can eclipse these. Where something like the Invisalign braces Manchester can take 2 years, the Inman Aligner takes on average 9-16 weeks.

So to recap…. If you have minor dental issues and are looking to aesthetically improve your smile fast, then speedy orthodontic treatment may well be the answer. However it won’t suit those with medium to major dental issues or those looking to fix underlying dental problems such as the straightening of the tooth root. Instead for these people there are some great long-term orthodontic treatments available that don’t necessarily entail sporting a mouth full of metal. Out of the fastest orthodontic treatment, the Inman Aligner is arguably the quickest, but it does depend upon the  degree of treatment needed.

Our Cheadle Hulme orthodontics practice is used to dealing with a wide variety of teeth problems ranging from slightly gapped or flared teeth to overcrowding and malocclusions. So if you’re not entirely happy with your smile, then come and pay us a visit. Contact us on 0161 660 1218 to book a free consultation with Dr Shi Karim and the team.