The Technology Behind Invisalign

If you’ve ever been self conscious about your teeth, then braces to help straighten them out are the perfect solution; or are they? If you’ve found that the thought of wearing metal braces filled you with dread and made you even more self conscious than the prospect of having wonky teeth, then fear not, there is a solution.

There is a comfortable, discreet and removable option for straight teeth; Invisalign. This unique treatment has been designed so that big metal braces are a thing of the past, but your dream of straight teeth is a reality.

Smile like you mean it

Clever 3D imaging technology means that the Invisalign dental system can show you your treatment plan from start to finish. Beginning by highlighting the current position of your teeth and then showing how each tooth will be repositioned, over time. Clever, huh!

How does it work?

Our dentists fit a set of invisible aligners that are moulded around the shape and position of your teeth. Wearing the aligners for two weeks at a time means that your teeth are able to slowly reposition themselves.

What do I need to know about my aligners?

Your aligners work in a similar way to metal braces, only no one will really be able to see them. It may change the way you speak for the first few days, as your teeth and mouth get used to the alterations, but this won’t last for long.

You can eat and drink whatever you want, within reason. So, even though you can eat hard-boiled sweets, which you can’t do with metal braces, eating sweets has never really been advised by a dentist; in fact we tend to steer you away!

Try not to chew gum, smoke or eat really sugary foods when you have your aligners in. This can stain your teeth and gum can stick hard and fast.

The best way to find out what options suit you is to speak to a dentist who really understands braces. If uneven and wonky teeth have ever held you back from feeling truly comfortable then now is the time to do something about it. Don’t let your teeth make you feel self conscious. Over 2.5 million people around the world have used Invisalign to smile like they mean it.