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The Inman Aligner UK – Everything You Need To Know

Adult orthodontics have come a long way in recent years and for those looking to straighten their teeth fast, then arguably, there’s nothing better than the Inman Aligner UK. At our smiles dental Manchester practice, for example, we regularly show people pictures of aligned teeth braces before and after and tell them that in most cases treatment from start to finish takes between 6-18 weeks. If you think that the speedy Inman aligner might just be the orthodontic treatment for you, then here’s the low-down on everything you need to know.

Most adults will experience some type of tooth movement as they get older. This is irrespective of whether they wore braces as a child or not. In some cases, adult teeth can become displaced to the point where they look and feel crooked. In this instance, it’s understandable to think that the only way to deal with it is to endure several years of metal braces. The good news is that there is another alternative. Thanks to advancements in technology the Inman aligner offers the perfect (anti) solution to long term braces.

What exactly is the Inman Aligner?

Designed by Donal Inman back in the year 2000 the Inman aligner was born out of frustration of the many failures involving standard spring aligners. It’s specifically designed to straighten or ‘align’ the upper and lower front teeth which are visible when you smile. The idea behind it is that there are many people who want a straighter smile for purely aesthetic reasons. As the front upper and lower teeth are right in the smile line, the Inman aligner UK is designed to tackle this problem head on. In fact, countless teeth braces before and after pictures showing the successful movement of teeth have indicated that it’s actually very good at what it does.

So how does it work?

Like all orthodontic appliances, the Inman aligner is designed to straighten the teeth using gentle but sustained force to shift the teeth back into the right position. However, that’s where the similarities end. Unlike conventional bracket and wiring brace systems, which are permanently fixed to the teeth for the duration of the treatment, the Inman aligner is designed to be fully and easily removed. In fact, for the best results, it’s designed to be worn for around 16-20 hours a day.

The appliance itself consists of two titanium coil springs that work alongside two aligner bows. One inner and one outer. Each one gently opposes the other. So as one pulls teeth, the other pushes, guiding them into their new position. Because of the opposing movements, it makes the aligner active over larger areas and therefore has the ability to shift teeth quicker. Once the teeth are in position the aligner bar works like a retainer and holds them firmly in place.

What conditions can the Inman Aligner treat?

At our smiles dental Manchester practice we see a number of cases where the Inman aligner would be ideal. For instance, it’s perfect for those people who wore braces as a child but for whatever reason failed to wear their retainer and as a result, their teeth have relapsed or shifted back. It’s also good for fixing tooth crowding, tooth protrusions, tooth rotations, and crossbites. In addition, because of it’s speed, it’s also used as a pre-aligner for those looking to undergo missing teeth replacement or cosmetic enhancements such as veneers.

The 12-week wonder brace

The Inman aligner UK is affectionately known as the ’12 week wonder brace’ because that’s how long the majority of treatments take, although this can be shorter or longer depending upon the degree of correction needed. You may for example only need 6 weeks or alternatively, you may need 20 weeks but it’s very rare for people to spend any longer than this wearing the appliance. In comparison, even with other fast or accelerated brace systems, the Inman aligner is lightening fast.

Is the Inman Aligner right for you?

It’s specifically designed to correct minor to moderate tooth movements of the front teeth on the upper and lower jaw. Because of this, the system can’t correct any type of molar movement. If your dental needs are more complex, then we advise you to consult our smiles dental Manchester practice to talk about other brace systems which deliver better teeth braces before and after results. Because the aligner is removable and not fixed, patients need to be self-disciplined enough to wear it for the duration of the treatment. Finally, the Inman aligner only works on adults with fully developed teeth. As a result children and younger teenagers will need to seek other solutions.

Will it work for my situation?

In order to answer these patients will need to ask themselves a few questions…

“Do I want to improve the position of my front upper and lower teeth only?”

“Do I want to move the said teeth in a forward or backward position only?”

“Am I okay with people knowing I’m wearing it?”

If the answer to the above is yes, then the Inman aligner can offer the perfect solution. While it’s fair to say that the aligner can move teeth from the gum position to create a better smile, it’s better designed for moving teeth backward and forward. You might also want to take into account that although the Inman aligner is discreet it isn’t invisible, so if you’re after total orthodontic discretion, you might want to consider Invisalign treatment or Lingual braces instead.

Finally, will the Inman Aligner hurt?

When applied forces push or pull teeth using orthodontic appliances it’s normal for the teeth to feel a little tender. This is because the bones and gums around the tooth are remodeling as the tooth moves. This is normal and should only last for a few days. Any discomfort can usually be brought under control using over-the-counter pain-killers. Patients should never feel any throbbing or excruciating pain if teeth are healthy.

So there you have it, everything you need to know! If however you have concerns or need more information, and are seriously considering the Inman Aligner UK, then why not book a consultation at out smiles dental Manchester practice. Here we can address your issues and show you pictures of teeth braces before and after, thus giving you the information you need to make an informed dental decision. To book an appointment call today on 0161 660 1218.

Teeth Straightening Manchester – Should You Try The Inman Aligner?

Teeth Straightening Manchester – Should You Try The Inman Aligner?

When it comes to teeth straightening Manchester, one orthodontic procedure that’s gaining a lot of popularity in the UK right now is the Inman aligner. UK residents should note that it’s a removable appliance that’s designed to straighten the upper and lower front teeth fast. Normally orthodontic treatments take 18-36 months on average to complete depending upon severity of the condition. However because the Inman aligner Manchester focuses it’s attention on the aesthetics of the smile rather than bite function, results can be achieved in as little as 6 weeks.

So should you try the Inman Aligner?

Where many other orthodontic brace systems are multi-functional, meaning they fix a wide variety of dental issues, the Inman aligner is designed specifically to address overcrowded teeth in patients who have neglected to wear a retainer after previous orthodontic treatments. Clearly these people aren’t overly keen on having to wear fixed bracket and wiring style braces, as they’ve been through the process before, so a removable aligner style brace system could be the answer.

So how does it work?

If you’re concerned with overcrowded or crooked teeth that are visible when you smile, then teeth straightening in Manchester utilising the Inman aligner offers the perfect solution. It consists of a series of nickel titanium coil springs that power two metal bars known as bows. Each bar opposes the other and as they push and pull, they gently guide the teeth back into position. These forces are also active over a large movement range which is why the Inman aligner UK can deliver super-fast results.

Aside from the speedy treatment times, the other advantages of the Inman aligner Manchester over alternative orthodontic treatments are that it’s designed to be removed to enable users to clean their teeth properly. In addition patients only have to wear it for 16-20 hours a day so it enables them to enjoy their food. Perhaps most importantly, as force is being applied from different directions, less pressure is required to shift teeth, therefore wearers should experience no painful movements.

The Inman aligner UK has the ability to change a smile and what’s more, it can transform it fast. So if you’re looking for a quick fix solution to teeth straightening Manchester, the Inman aligner may just fit in perfectly with your needs and requirements. Contact our Church Road dental practice to find out more on 0161 660 1218 today. Alternatively, why not book a no-obligation consultation with Shi Karim and the team and take the first steps towards transforming your smile.

Invisalign Braces Manchester – Looking At The Pros And Cons

Invisalign Braces Manchester – Looking At The Pros And Cons

Just like the Inman Aligner UK, Invisalign braces Manchester are a removable ‘aligner style’ brace system designed for straightening teeth. They’re discreet in their appearance and are a modern method of correcting a wide range of orthodontic issues. However like most orthodontic treatments they have their pros and their cons. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look.

Firstly the pros…

They’re very discreet

One of the main advantages of Invisalign Manchester is that it’s about as discreet as orthodontic treatments get. The aligners or trays themselves are made from a type of clear acrylic resin (similar to contact lenses) and as such are arguably less noticeable than other brace systems. They’re even inconspicuous to others during conversation, so for those adults who don’t feel particularly confident about wearing more conventional teeth braces, Invisalign offers the perfect solution.

Aligners can be removed easily

Despite the fact that Invisalign aligners are intended to be worn for around 22 hours a day, unlike fixed brace systems they are designed to be easily removed by the patient when eating, flossing, and brushing the teeth. This helps to ensure that the aligners stay clean while making it easier to enjoy food.

Maintaining good dental hygiene is easier

One of the problems with most brace systems is that it can be hard to maintain good dental hygiene, especially when the wearer has a whole series of brackets and wiring attached to their teeth. Food particles and debris can easily become lodged between the structure and it can then become difficult to reach. On the contrary, because Invisalign braces in Manchester are designed to be removed, it’s very easy to maintain high standards of brushing, flossing, and rinsing.

Less hassle

Most brace systems involve having to attend the dentist regularly for adjustments and progress checks and while this is necessary, it can become a bit of a hassle, especially if the patient is needing long-term treatment. Conversely with Invisalign, Manchester patients will only need to visit the dentist every 6 weeks or so to receive their next series of aligners and to have progress checks.

Now the cons …

Not great for non-compliant patients

Just as having fully removable braces can be an advantage for many patients, in others (particularly those that are non-complaint) it might be seen as a disadvantage. Like most removable braces including the Inman Aligner UK, they still need to be in place for a specified period of time per day to achieve the desired results within a given time frame. If the person chooses to take them out for longer or forgets to put them back in after eating, then treatment time will increase. Conversely with fixed braces the temptation to take them out is taken away from the patient as they can only be removed by a dentist, so they don’t have to worry.

Aligners can easily get lost

Invisalign treatment involves a series of removable trays which are designed specifically for you and are worn in sequence over a period of time. The problem is that because they’re designed to be so discreet they can easily be misplaced if you put them down on a patterned surface like a kitchen worktop (think contact lenses). If lost, that particular tray has to be uniquely made again for you which will mean additional costs.

Invisalign treatment doesn’t fix every condition

Patients with severely crooked teeth or extreme malocclusions aren’t always the best candidates for Invisalign braces Manchester. Instead there are other treatments available which are probably better suited. Therefore unlike other brace systems, Invisalign can’t treat every condition.

It can be costly

Because each aligner in the series is uniquely made for your specific condition at a specialist central laboratory Invisalign treatment can be work out more expensive than other orthodontic procedures in some cases. For this reason you may need to consider your investment.

While this pros and cons list sheds some light on your Invisalign treatment options, if you’re looking to find out in more detail about how Invisalign Manchester can help then you might want to speak to the team at Church Road Dental and Cosmetics. We offer a wide selection of orthodontic treatments including Invisalign braces Manchester, Inman aligner UK, plus a variety of other fixed and removable clear braces. Why not contact us on 0161 660 1218 to book yourself a no-obligation consultation where you can discuss your options. Start the ball rolling towards a healthier smile and a happier you.

Fast Orthodontic Treatment – What Is It And How Can It Help

Fast Orthodontic Treatment – What Is It And How Can It Help?

Recent advances in orthodontic technology now means that people who are unhappy with the overall aesthetics of their smile can opt for fast orthodontic treatment. So if you’ve seen Inman aligner before and after pictures, or other treatments such as C-Fast or Six Month Smiles on the internet, then these are all types of accelerated orthodontic procedures.

That’s all well and good, but bearing in mind that conventional brace systems can take anything up to 3 years to complete just how quick are they? Our Smiles Dental Manchester clinic explains…

Fast or accelerated brace systems have the ability to straighten teeth in a matter of weeks and months rather than years. However it does depend upon the severity of the case. As an example, a person with good teeth that suffers with mild overcrowding, may only need orthodontic treatment lasting 6-8 weeks. Conversely, a person suffering with moderate teeth overcrowding may need treatment lasting up to six months. Even so, this is still a far cry from the time taken for other brace systems to restore a patient’s smile.

So how do they work?

In essence fast orthodontic treatment is the name given to a variety of brace systems and aligner style braces, and treatments that may suit one person, mightn’t suit another. They all carry out the same task of applying sustained and gentle pressure to gradually move teeth back into position but they do it in different ways. For example the Inman aligner uses a discreet spring to push and pull teeth back into position, whereby others such as C-fast use more conventional bracket and wiring style systems to achieve their goals.

So why are they so fast?

If you look at Inman Aligner before and after pictures on the internet, for example, you’ll see some pretty amazing results in such a short space of time. This is because it’s designed specifically to concentrate its efforts on the upper and lower front teeth that are noticeable when you smile. So for someone who has mild to moderate tooth overcrowding and is concerned with the aesthetics of their smile, then accelerated orthodontic treatments are ideal. However because of the time scale there are some aspects that fast orthodontic treatments cannot fix such as;

  • The straightening of tooth roots
  • Severe tooth overcrowding and
  • Issues with upper and lower back teeth

For these reasons our Smiles Dental Manchester clinic would suggest that fast orthodontic treatment isn’t for everyone.

So who can it help?

It’s perfect for those people who generally have good teeth but are looking to get the best out of their smile. For example, it may be because they have a special day coming up such as a wedding,  a date, or an interview, and understandably want to look their best. Alternatively, it maybe because they’re simply looking enhance the look of their smile to restore some much needed confidence Either way, accelerated adult orthodontic treatment can help to achieve the smile they crave.

If you’d like to talk to us about fast orthodontic treatment then contact Church Road Dental and Cosmetics on 0161 660 1218 to book a free appointment. Alternatively if you’d like to take a closer look at Inman aligner before and after results to see just how much your smile can be transformed, or would like to find further information, then visit our website at www.clearbracesmanchester.co.uk

Inman Aligner Cost UK

What Does An Inman Aligner Cost UK Patients?

Want to know what an Inman Aligner cost UK patients? The answer might not be as expensive as you think, especially if you look at it as a long-term investment.

At our smile dentist Manchester, the price of an Inman aligner varies between £2000 and £2700 depending upon the severity of the treatment. Now that may sound quite a lot of money, but when you consider that you get discreet orthodontic Manchester treatment without the pain of wearing childhood train tracks, it may seem a small price to pay for many people. But that’s not all….

The Inman aligner treats crooked teeth fast. In actual fact the simplified fitting which sits across the teeth can straighten most teeth within 3 months – give or take. That’s a far cry from the metallic train track style braces many children endured for 1-2 years or more. As a result it’s opened up the world of orthodontic possibilities to people who would otherwise never have had anything done. So with the Inman aligner it is possible to achieve a great looking smile for that ever looming special day or event.

So how does a smile dentist in Manchester fit the Inman aligner?

First of all the dentist will assess your teeth and take impressions. This is so that the brace system can be made specifically to fit your teeth, and usually takes around two weeks. Once the aligner is fitted it works by applying gentle sustained pressure to gradually move the teeth back into position using a spring. This is slightly different from the metallic style brace system that only moves teeth in the days immediately after the dentist has tightened the brace.

What about when the treatment is completed?

Once the orthodontic Manchester treatment is complete and your teeth are straighter they will still need a little help staying put. Therefore a further impression of your now straight teeth is made and a second brace is fashioned. This must be worn at night times only for around 6 weeks. In addition the dentist will need to fit a small permanent piece of wiring behind the teeth so that they don’t start to wander once again. This is known as a retainer.

So to sum up …

An Inman Aligner cost UK patients somewhere between £2000-£2700 depending upon where you go. It’s ideal for those people who generally have good teeth but are also concerned with the aesthetics of their smile. It’s completely discreet, which means that it opens up a world of possibilities for those who may have felt too embarrassed or self conscious to undergo such treatment previously. So for this reason alone the Inman aligner can be considered a good investment for your long term dental health and overall happiness.

If you’re not happy with your smile and are looking for a smile dentist Manchester who can help then look no further than Church Road Dental and Cosmetics. Shi Karim and his team of highly experienced orthodontists will help you get the smile you want using fast-brace treatments that suit both your needs and your lifestyle.

To find out more, either visit our website at www.clearbracesmanchester.co.uk or contact us directly on 0161 660 1218 and start the ball rolling towards restoring your great looking smile today.

Inman Aligner Manchester - Help Makes You Smile

How An Inman Aligner Manchester Can Help Your Smile

Many people are looking to straighten their teeth without the use of traditional ‘bracket and wiring’ style braces. An Inman Aligner UK is one such choice, especially if you’re looking for a discreet way to improve your smile. Manchester orthodontists will often recommend the Inman Aligner for people who chose not to wear their retainers after wearing braces originally. This may have caused their front teeth to drift back to their original positions once again. So with this in mind, how exactly can orthodontics Manchester treatment such as the Inman Aligner restore your smile?

Because the Inman Aligner fits a specific patient profile (eg, those who don’t want to wear full braces again) it’s extremely effective in accomplishing those goals. Your teeth can gently be guided into position in a matter of weeks rather than years, as with other forms of brace systems. In fact most treatments are completed from start to finish in 6-18 weeks. It’s also fully and easily removable, so the Inman aligner is particularly hygienic to wear.

So how does it work?

The Inman Aligner uses a nickel titanium coil spring which is used to power two bows sat either side of your teeth. The spring pushes one bow while gently pulling the other, which in turn guides the teeth back into position. The reason why this particular orthodontics Manchester treatment works so well is because the specialised design makes it active over a large range of movement. As it only needs to be worn for 16-20 hours a day, it can also be adapted to suit the wearer’s lifestyle.

Inman Aligner offers complete flexibility

For those people who are looking to restore the aesthetics of their smile, Manchester orthodontists may suggest that it offers a perfect stand-alone solution for those who want to look their best by a certain time scale. This may be due to an upcoming job interview, family get together, function or even a date. Alternatively, it can also be used in conjunction with other cosmetic dental treatments such as teeth whitening, or indeed, an entire smile makeover to give an overall improved appearance.

If you’re interested to know more about how a culmination of orthodontics Manchester treatments such as an Inman Aligner UK can help restore your great looking smile, Manchester based, Church Road Dental and Cosmetics can help. Why not book yourself a free no-obligation consultation with Shi Karim and the team who can discuss your needs and answer any questions or concerns you might have.

To book yours either visit our website at www.clearbracesmanchester.co.uk or contact us directly on 0161 660 1218 today and take the first steps towards a new and happy you!