Inman Aligner Cost UK

What Does An Inman Aligner Cost UK Patients?

Want to know what an Inman Aligner cost UK patients? The answer might not be as expensive as you think, especially if you look at it as a long-term investment.

At our smile dentist Manchester, the price of an Inman aligner varies between £2000 and £2700 depending upon the severity of the treatment. Now that may sound quite a lot of money, but when you consider that you get discreet orthodontic Manchester treatment without the pain of wearing childhood train tracks, it may seem a small price to pay for many people. But that’s not all….

The Inman aligner treats crooked teeth fast. In actual fact the simplified fitting which sits across the teeth can straighten most teeth within 3 months – give or take. That’s a far cry from the metallic train track style braces many children endured for 1-2 years or more. As a result it’s opened up the world of orthodontic possibilities to people who would otherwise never have had anything done. So with the Inman aligner it is possible to achieve a great looking smile for that ever looming special day or event.

So how does a smile dentist in Manchester fit the Inman aligner?

First of all the dentist will assess your teeth and take impressions. This is so that the brace system can be made specifically to fit your teeth, and usually takes around two weeks. Once the aligner is fitted it works by applying gentle sustained pressure to gradually move the teeth back into position using a spring. This is slightly different from the metallic style brace system that only moves teeth in the days immediately after the dentist has tightened the brace.

What about when the treatment is completed?

Once the orthodontic Manchester treatment is complete and your teeth are straighter they will still need a little help staying put. Therefore a further impression of your now straight teeth is made and a second brace is fashioned. This must be worn at night times only for around 6 weeks. In addition the dentist will need to fit a small permanent piece of wiring behind the teeth so that they don’t start to wander once again. This is known as a retainer.

So to sum up …

An Inman Aligner cost UK patients somewhere between £2000-£2700 depending upon where you go. It’s ideal for those people who generally have good teeth but are also concerned with the aesthetics of their smile. It’s completely discreet, which means that it opens up a world of possibilities for those who may have felt too embarrassed or self conscious to undergo such treatment previously. So for this reason alone the Inman aligner can be considered a good investment for your long term dental health and overall happiness.

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