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invisalign braces uk

Invisalign Braces UK – So How Are Teeth Straightened?

When the majority of people first see Invisalign braces UK, they wonder how on earth they straighten teeth. After all, there’s no brackets or wiring involved, and as such, they’ll hold up just one of a series of aligner style clear braces with a bewildered look. It’s at this point that we show them a selection of Invisalign braces before and after pictures and explain that it is in fact, a series of custom-made aligners that work together to complete the smile.

Here’s how Invisalign braces UK works…

Invisalign Braces UK

With all brace systems teeth are moved using physiological forces, and clear aligners are no exception. Whether that’s with the ‘pull‘ of arch wires threaded through teeth-mounted brackets, or the ‘push‘ of flexible acrylic aligners, applied gentle pressure in any direction should move teeth. With conventional braces, it’s the flexing of the tightened wire as it tries to return to its original position that shifts the teeth. Similarly, with clear braces, it’s the flexing of the plastic over the surface of the teeth that achieves exactly the same results.

That said, just as with arch wires, each aligner or tray can only move the teeth a certain distance. This is based on the makeup and physiological structure of the tooth, while also taking into account factors such as blood vessel and nerve migration. In other words, the further the teeth need to move, the greater number of trays are needed.

With this in mind, let’s say that your starting point for Invisalign braces UK is ‘0’. The next pre-determined position is position 1 and this is the first tray you’ll wear. This custom-made aligner is designed to flex around your teeth and move them from starting point ‘0’ to position 1 as the tray relaxes on the teeth. Around two weeks later this first tray is discarded and replaced with the next tray in the series. This is designed to move your existing teeth from position 1 to position 2. Again, 2 weeks later you’ll discard aligner number 2, because it’s done its job, and replace it with aligner No 3. This will help to move the teeth from position 2 to position 3. This continues until your teeth have moved into the final position. Now all that’s left to do is to take a closer look at your braces before and after pictures and marvel at the difference.


Just like conventional braces Clear braces such as Invisalign work to achieve remarkable results, except this time, it’s carried out invisibly with no obvious signs that you’re wearing them. If you’re looking for a discreet form of orthodontic treatment then come and talk to us about Invisalign braces UK. To book a consultation contact us on 0161 660 1218 and take the first steps towards transforming your smile.








Inman Aligner Before And After - Fast Orthodontics At Their Best

Inman Aligner Before And After – Fast Orthodontics At Their Best

If you’ve already seen the success stories of Inman Aligner before and after pictures you’re probably wondering if they’re the orthodontic treatment for you. At our smile Manchester clinic we sit down with each patient and discuss their needs and requirements in order to make sure that the treatment they have is the right tailored solution for them. From conventional brace systems to aligner style treatments such as Invisalign braces UK, we can help you make the right choice.

That said, one of the most popular forms of orthodontic treatments for adults is the Inman aligner and not without good reason. The aligner is known as a fast orthodontic treatment and is designed to straighten the upper and lower front teeth that are visible when you smile. They’re the ideal alternative to conventional ‘train track’ style braces and are known for producing great results quickly. So how do they work?

The aligner is a removable appliance consisting of a nickel titanium coil spring. This powers two aligner bows that sit at the back and the front of the teeth. Gently these two bows are forced in opposing directions which push and pull the teeth, guiding them into their new position. These forces are active over a large range of movements which is why the aligner works quickly. Unlike other modern orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign braces, UK practices who use the Inman aligner suggest that teeth can be corrected in as little as 6-18 weeks depending upon the severity of the problem. This is ideal for those people who have an impending event that they want to look their best for.

So what other advantages does the inman aligner have over other brace systems? Let’s take a closer look.

They’re discreet

If you’ve seen pictures of Inman Aligner before and after treatments you’ll notice that it can’t really be seen unless you look closely That’s because it’s similar in design to a sports mouth guard and made from a clear acrylic. This gives great comfort to those who are particularly self conscious about wearing adult braces.

They’re removable

Unlike other brace systems which are permanently fixed into position for the duration of the treatment, the Inman Aligner is completely and easily removable. In fact, for best practice our smile Manchester practice will suggest that the appliance is removed when eating or cleaning teeth. That said for optimum results it’s recommended that the appliance is worn for 16-20 hours per day.

Cost-effective solution

In terms of cost the Inman Aligner offers a quick fix solution meaning less clinical time is involved and in addition, unlike Invisalign braces UK, only one appliance is required from start to finish, reducing lab costs. These savings are reflected in the price.

To sum up

For the busy individual who is self conscious about wearing conventional style braces, and is looking to improve the aesthetics of their smile quickly, the Inman Aligner offers the perfect solution.

If you’d like to talk to us about restoring your great looking smile and would like to check out some examples of Inman Aligner before and after successes then come and talk to our smile Manchester clinic at Church Road Dental and Cosmetics. Here patients can have a no-obligation consultation with Shi Karim and the team where they can discuss their needs and requirements allowing them to make a fully informed dental decision. To book yours either visit our website at www.clearbracesmanchester.co.uk or contact us directly on 0161 660 1218 today.

Clear View Braces - Why Are They So Popular

What Are Clear View Braces And Why Are They So Popular?

When we hark back to orthodontic Manchester treatment of old then the first thing that may spring to mind is those metallic ‘train track’ style braces that many of us wore as children. They were uncomfortable, cumbersome, and unattractive. Thankfully things have moved on somewhat and nowadays adults looking to have braces have far more options open to them. One of these options is clear view braces. So what exactly are they?

Even though orthodontic treatments are more comfortable, lightweight, and varied than their predecessors, many still remain noticeable. For adults who would normally be expected to wear braces for 12 months or more depending upon the severity of their condition, it’s often enough to stop some from even considering it. However clear view brace systems such as Invisalign braces UK are different.

As the name suggests, because they’re made from clear plastic rather than metal, they are difficult to see when you smile. For many adults who already feel pretty self conscious about their appearance, it means that they can now happily undergo orthodontic treatment knowing that what they’re wearing is about as discreet as orthodontic Manchester treatments get.

But that’s not the only way that clear view braces such as Invisalign braces UK differ…

Orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign uses an aligner style treatment rather than the conventional bracket and wiring system. This means that instead of using brackets which are secured to the teeth with wiring running though them to push or pull the teeth back into position, they utilise a series of bespoke trays known as aligners. As the aligner is placed over the teeth it gently coerces them into a pre-planned position after which it’s time to swap that aligner for the next in the series. Each aligner is sized differently and after 9-18 months the teeth should be perfectly straight.

The advantages of wearing clear view braces such as these are plentiful. Firstly unlike the conventional bracket and wiring style they’re completely and easily removable. In fact they’re designed to be removed when eating or cleaning the teeth to avoid any food particles being caught. Secondly, because they’re made of a clear plastic and not metal, there are no sharp pieces that can wear away at the gums and tongue. Finally, because each aligner has to be custom made, patients get to see what their teeth will look like using computer aided design. In other words they’ll have a snap shot into the future of their brand new smile.

So are clear view braces for everyone?

In a word yes and no! Invisalign braces UK are designed to treat many orthodontic problems and as a result they’ll suit a wide range of patients. However because each aligner has to be custom-made  they don’t come cheap. In some cases they can be 2 or 3 times the cost of conventional brace systems and what’s more, they can’t be purchased on the NHS.

That said, many orthodontic Manchester practices operate flexible payment systems where treatments can be paid for over a period of time rather than one upfront payment, so it might be worth speaking to your dentist if cost is the only stumbling block.

If you’d like to find out more about how clear view braces such as Invisalign braces UK can change your life then come and talk to Church Road Dental and Cosmetics. Our experienced team of orthodontists will make sure that you have the right treatment to suit your needs and requirements. To book a consultation contact us via our website at www.clearbracesmanchester.co.uk or contact us directly on  0161 660 1218 and take the first steps towards restoring your great looking smile once and for all.

Invisalign Offers Manchester - An Alternative To Metal Braces

Invisalign Offers Manchester – An Alternative To Metal Braces

Unlike metal style braces, or clear fixed braces Manchester, Invisalign offers Manchester patients the chance to opt for the most contemporary braces Manchester clinics have. Despite the fact that they’re considerably more expensive than more conventional orthodontic treatments, many patients are swayed by their advantages. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.


As the name suggests Invisalign braces are about as discreet as braces can be. Instead of a conventional bracket and wiring style fixing that most people associate with orthodontic treatment, Invisalign offers an alternative ‘aligner style’ solution. Here a series of unique and interchangeable plastic aligners are worn over the teeth rather like a gum shield. They work in exactly the same principle as other brace systems, in that they coax the teeth back into their correct position, by applying gentle and continual pressure. However because the plastic aligners negate the need for visible fixings, they’re incredibly discreet. Therefore for adults who feel self conscious about having a mouth full of metal, Invisalign offers Manchester patients an ideal solution.

They’re easily removable

Unlike conventional metal braces or clear fixed braces Manchester, Invisalign aligners are easily removable. They’re designed this way so that patients can take them out when eating and cleaning their teeth. One of the issues with fixed-style brace systems is that food particles can get lodged in between the fixings, and wearing them can also make it difficult to clean and floss teeth properly and thoroughly. That said, Invisalign braces still need to be worn for around 22 hours a day to be effective. However because of their ease of removal, patients do need a certain amount of will-power if they’re going to get the best out of the treatment.

Less time consuming

Metal style braces, and many clear fixed braces for that matter, usually need adjusting every 2-3 weeks. Normally this is done back at the dental practice. On the contrary, when a patient needs to swap their existing aligner for the next one in the sequence, it can easily be carried out at home by the wearer. Ultimately this means that instead of dental visits every 2-3 weeks, Invisalign patients only need to visit the dentist every 5-6 weeks for ongoing check-ups, so it’s far less time consuming.

Unlikely to cause irritation

Metal style braces in Manchester often contain sharp parts which can irritate the gum. This is why a wearer might have to return to the clinic when first fitted to get it right. Conversely, Invisalign aligners are made of clear plastic with no sharp edges, so they offer a more comfortable wearing experience.

As you can see Invisalign offers Manchester patients a refreshing alternative to metal braces and clear fixed braces Manchester. So if you’d like to try a different approach to conventional orthodontic braces, Manchester patients can come and talk to us about Invisalign. To book a no-obligation consultation you can ether contact us on 0161 660 1218 or visit our website at www.clearbracesmanchester.co.uk.  Remember don’t let your crooked teeth zap your confidence. Start the ball rolling towards restoring your great looking smile today.

Fast Orthodontic Treatment – Does It work?

Invisalign Braces Manchester – Discussing The Pros And Cons

Are you considering undergoing orthodontic treatment using Invisalign braces Manchester? When it comes to invisible or clear braces, Manchester orthodontists often recommend Invisalign braces UK depending upon the needs and requirements of the patients; but like every type of orthodontic treatment they clearly have their advantages and their disadvantages. With this in mind let’s delve a little deeper and discuss the pros and cons

They’re incredibly discreet

Aligner style braces such as Invisalign operate in a completely different way from traditional bracket and wiring style braces. Normally conventional brace systems gradually pull the teeth into position when the arch wire (this is a thin metal tensioner that runs from bracket to bracket) applies pressure to the brackets, which are in turn attached directly to the teeth. The problem with this system is that, even though tooth coloured wiring and smaller brackets are used, they can still be seen when a person smiles.

With Invisalign this isn’t the case. Instead a series of interchangeable clear plastic trays (known as aligners) are made to fit directly over the teeth like a gum shield. Each tray is a different fit and gradually over time, they combine to move the teeth into position. Because they’re fashioned from clear plastic and are bracket free,they’re very hard to spot meaning that Invisalign braces UK are about as discreet as  clear braces in Manchester get.

You get to see exactly what your teeth will look like

Invisalign uses a revolutionary computer system to help design each bespoke brace. What this means is that you get to see a computerised mock-up of the various stages of your treatment and exactly what your teeth will look like during and after the treatment. To be able to see exactly how  your smile is going to look once treatment has ended can be a great motivator.

They’re fully and easily removable

Unlike most conventional braces which are fixed in the mouth for the duration of your treatment, Invisalign braces Manchester are designed to be fully and easily removable. This is done so that aligners can quickly be changed by the wearer when the time is right to do so, meaning no continual trips to the dentist. Moreover, they’re designed to be removed while eating, and when cleaning the teeth. From a hygiene perspective this means that food particles aren’t likely to become trapped as they might with other fixed brace systems.

They fix many orthodontic issues

Unlike other clear brace or aligner style systems which are often only designed to correct the visible teeth that appear when you smile, Invisalign can treat a whole host of conditions. These range from mild to moderate, to overcrowding through to over/under bites, and even tooth root management.

What about the disadvantages?

They don’t come cheap

Because Invisalign braces UK are made bespoke for you in a specialised laboratory they don’t come cheap. Where conventional braces cost on average £1700- £2000 when fitted privately, you can expect to pay on average anywhere between £2500 – £4500 for Invisalign.

Need to be self-disciplined

While you can look on the fact that being able to easily remove your Invisalign braces is an advantage (and indeed it is), it can also be seen as a disadvantage. This is because in order for Invisalign to do the job they’re designed to do, they really need to be in place for at least 22 hours a day. This takes a lot of self discipline, especially when they get a little uncomfortable during the first few days of a new aligner fitting.

They can be hard to spot

Because they’re fashioned from clear plastic, Invisalign braces Manchester can be hard to spot when you remove them and put them down somewhere like a granite counter-top. This is why you get given special cases to put them in. However just like contact lenses, if you forget and put them down without storing them in the case, you could end up playing a game of hide and seek with your aligners. Obviously, that’s not great when you’ve only got two hours grace within a 24 hour period.

If you’d like to find out more about what Invisalign braces UK can do for you, or indeed any other type of clear braces Manchester, contact our practice on 0161 660 1218 or visit our website at www.clearbracesmanchester.co.uk to book a consultation. Dr Shi Karim and the team have the ability and the experience to restore your great looking smile using the latest orthodontic treatments, so give us a call today.