Invisalign Manchester vs Veneers – The Best Way To Straighten teeth

Invisalign Manchester vs Veneers – The Best Way To Straighten teeth

As an experienced orthodontist Manchester, we offer our adult patients a multitude of ways in which they can straighten teeth. The only issue is deciding which to use and which will give the patient the best results. Invisalign Manchester and porcelain veneers are both good options for straightening teeth and while the latter isn’t a specific orthodontic treatment per se, it’s often referred to as instant orthodontics. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at what Invisalign clear braces offers Manchester patients vs porcelain veneers.

So how do they straighten teeth?

Both are very different from conventional teeth straightening options. Invisalign for example doesn’t utilise brackets and wiring but instead relies on a series of clear plastic (invisible) aligners which are worn over the teeth like a gum shield. Each aligner in the series is designed to move the teeth a specific amount before it’s changed (usually every two weeks) for the next one. This continues until the final aligner is worn and the teeth are straight.

Similarly veneers also offer a different approach to straightening teeth. This time rather than physically moving them, the teeth are covered over and reshaped using a thin porcelain layer. This sits on top of the problem tooth giving you the appearance of straighter teeth and a better smile.

Advantages of Invisalign treatment

The main advantage that clear braces offers Manchester patients over porcelain veneers is that the whole natural tooth is preserved. This is good if you have an excessive or imbalanced bite which forces greater pressure through your affected teeth. On the contrary in order for veneers to be placed a thin layer of your natural tooth needs to be shaved off in order for the veneer to sit flush with the remaining teeth. Another benefit of Invisalign Manchester is that they actually correct the movement of tooth and the tooth root rather than masking over the problem cosmetically.

The advantages of veneers

Primarily the main advantage of veneers is that problems can be fixed within just one or two dental sittings, whereas Invisalign aligners can take up to two years to correct, depending upon the severity of the problem. Another advantage of course is that veneers don’t just straighten teeth, they can help with a whole host of other dental problems including masking badly discoloured teeth or helping with small (peg lateral) teeth. Finally unlike all other brace systems including Invisalign there’s no need to wear a retainer. Because the tooth root isn’t touched or moved, there’s no tendency for it to want to shift back.

As an orthodontist Manchester the good news for many patients is that they don’t always have to make a decision. In other words it doesn’t have to be an either/or choice. You can for example utilise Invisalign Manchester to move your teeth first of all and then use a porcelain veneer to mask a badly stained tooth that won’t respond to normal teeth whitening treatment.

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