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Teeth Straightening Manchester – 7 Benefits of Straight Teeth

If you’ve recently visited the dentist you might have been told that you need orthodontic Manchester treatment. While it’s fair to say that wearing braces in Manchester can be a lengthy process, teeth straightening Manchester has multiple benefits, many of which are health related. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Straighter teeth help to prevent major health issues

Did you know that having straighter teeth can reduce your chances of heart disease, a stroke, or diabetes? It’s true! Crooked teeth are difficult to clean and can harbour bacteria. If the bacteria isn’t treated or eradicated it can lead to serious conditions such as those listed above.

Straighter teeth means healthier gums

When teeth are straighter the gums fit more securely around the teeth. This creates a stronger defense barrier against the possibility of periodontal (severe gum) disease. Conversely when teeth are crooked or overcrowded they don’t sit perfectly against the gums and as a result the gums can be prone to attack from bacteria. Problem gums are normally identified by an inflamed/reddened appearance.

Straighter teeth prevents excess wear

When a patient suffers from crooked or overcrowded teeth it can lead to an inefficient chewing action causing excess wear to adjacent teeth. After undergoing a period of orthodontic Manchester treatment, straighter teeth means that proper bite function is restored.

Straighter teeth reduces the risk of accidents

Protruding or crooked teeth are often exposed making them far more likely to be chipped, cracked, or broken in the event of an accident.

Straighter teeth prevents TMJD problems

When teeth aren’t straight they place excess stress on the gums and bone that supports them. This can often led to a painful condition known as TMJD. Temporo-Mandibular Joint Disorder is the dysfunction of the muscles used in the chewing process, the symptoms of which are usually chronic headaches, neck pain, or face/jaw pain. Thankfully orthodontic treatment such as braces Manchester can straighten teeth, therefore easing the causes of TMJD and lessening any pain.

Teeth straightening Manchester improves overall dental health

Crooked teeth can be the catalyst that causes gum disease which can attack and undermine other healthy teeth if left untreated. Ultimately periodontal disease can cause bleeding gums and mouth sores and eventually lead to tooth loss.

Teeth straightening improves confidence and self-esteem

Mental health plays an important part in our overall health. A wide range of studies have shown that by having a great looking smile, it not only increases self confidence and boosts self esteem, but ultimately it can dramatically improve our mental health.

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