Teeth Straightening Manchester – Inman Aligner vs Invisalign

Teeth Straightening Manchester – Inman Aligner vs Invisalign

If you’re seeking adult teeth straightening in Manchester that doesn’t involve traditional bracket and wiring style appliances, you have several options open to you. Two of the main contenders are the fast orthodontic treatment of the Inman Aligner (cost UK – around £1200-£1500) or the longer-term Invisalign system (cost UK – around £2500-£4000). Aside from the initial pricing, there are some other differences too, so with this in mind, let’s take a closer look.

The Inman Aligner

As the name suggests the Inman aligner uses an ‘aligner’ style process to straighten teeth as opposed to conventional brackets and wiring. This utilises a series of springs and bows which apply continued gentle force in order to push and pull the teeth back into position. Primarily it’s used for those who failed to wear a retainer after wearing braces as a child and subsequently their front teeth have crowded. Generally these people no longer want the ordeal of having to wear full braces, but need a solution to their crowded teeth problems. For these reasons the Inman Aligner fits the bill perfectly. While the Invisalign system can also do this, its preferred use is for long-term, full orthodontic treatment. This is something the Inman Aligner can’t do.

Because the Inman Aligner concentrates its efforts on the front upper and lower teeth which are visible when you smile, success is usually fast. Orthodontic treatment involving the aligner tends to show results in as little as 4-12 weeks. However just like the Invisalign system, results are usually dictated by the patient’s willingness to wear the aligner which is designed to be easily and fully-removable.

So that’s the Inman Aligner. What about Invisalign?

If you have significant teeth problems and need long-term teeth straightening, Manchester dentists might suggest the Invisalign system. Just like the Inman Aligner it’s a removable ‘aligner style’ system that doesn’t rely on traditional brackets and wiring to move teeth. However unlike the Inman Aligner which relies on one single apparatus worn for the duration of your treatment, Invisalign involves a number or series of separate aligners. This could be up to 48 aligners for the treatment, depending upon the severity of your dental condition.

As a comprehensive orthodontic treatment, Invisalign works very well. However as we already know, a large range of tooth problems is something the Inman Aligner can’t fix. Should this matter? Not really no, because the reality is that perfect candidates for an Inman Aligner wouldn’t necessarily benefit better from Invisalign treatment and indeed, the opposite is certainly true.

Of course the type of patient needing treatment isn’t the only differing feature. If you’re after complete discretion then Invisalign wins hands down. Where the Inman Aligner has a small but distinctive metal bar that can be seen, Invisalign aligners consist of a series of clear acrylic shells that are worn over the teeth just like a gum shield. The idea being that each aligner moves the teeth to a subsequent position before it’s discarded and the next one in the series is worn. When the aligners are worn, it’s hard to notice them. On the contrary the Inman Aligner cost UK patients the chance of complete discretion. Whereas with Invisalign treatment taking anything from 1-3 years to complete, It means that patients can opt for long-term treatments without feeling self-conscious.

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