Orthodontic Manchester Treatment - How Are Teeth Moved?

Manchester Clear Braces – Our Wide Range Of Clear Braces Offers Manchester Patients Discreet Teeth Straightening Solutions

Here in Manchester,  clear braces are becoming ever more popular, especially with adults who are understandably reluctant to wear the traditional metal braces. At Invisible Braces, our wide range of clear braces offers Manchester patients a discreet and effect method of teeth straightening that allows them to go about their everyday lives, without anyone else knowing that they’re undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontics today uses new and innovative materials coupled with state-of-the-art technology and computer imagery to create braces which can help people of all ages. With widely differing dental problems, braces help them to achieve the attractive, straight smile that they’re always longed for. From a dentist’s point of view, we’re happy knowing that a corrected bite will lead to a healthier mouth, with fewer problems such as decay and tooth loss going forwards.

There are various types of Manchester clear braces for patients to chose from. Six Month Smiles for instance is a system which focuses primarily on the teeth which are visible when a person smiles, rather than correcting the whole bite. It uses clear braces to gently straighten and align the teeth and treatment can be completed in some cases in as little as six weeks, and in most cases no longer than six months.

Invisalign is another popular technique which uses a series of clear plastic aligners that are replaced every two weeks as treatment progresses. Since they can be removed for eating and cleaning, they make it easy to maintain a good level of oral hygiene throughout treatment.

Invisible Braces

One of the latest orthodontic treatments we use is lingual braces. Manchester adults in particular, are embracing this modern technique since it uses brackets and wires at the back of the teeth to gently ease them into their correct position. The results are that it truly is ‘invisible’.

Even with clear braces, Manchester patients often find it difficult to brush and floss their teeth and as a result when the braces are eventually removed, there’s usually some type of decay that needs treating. Conversely lingual braces cause less damage (decay) to the teeth because they are fitted at the back of the teeth, which is another benefit of choosing them.

Secret Smiles Braces

You may have wondered how celebrities and people in the public eye go about their appearances if they’re undergoing orthodontic treatment. Well we can reveal their secret! Known as ‘Secret Smiles Braces’ this innovative system is similar to lingual braces in that it fixes to the back of the teeth so that it can’t be seen. It works to fix all six teeth at the front but differs from lingual braces Manchester, in as much as it’s mostly used for improving the appearance of the smile rather than the actual bite. Due to this fact, treatment time is greatly reduced compared to that of traditional orthodontics.

If you’re tired of hiding your smile behind your hand then come and speak to the experienced orthodontic team here at Invisible Braces. Our extensive range of clear braces offers Manchester patients an opportunity to straighten their teeth and carry on smiling. Take advantage of our free consultation by calling us direct on 0161 660 1218 or book online at www.clearbracesmanchester.co.uk.