Invisible Braces UK – What Are They And How Do They Work?

Clear Fixed Braces – Just How Discreet Are They?

Although fixed brace appliances are the most commonly used type of orthodontic treatment for teeth straightening in Manchester, many systems utilise metal style brackets and wiring. While this mightn’t be an issue for many adults, it’s understandable that for some, it’s sufficient reason to dissuade them from wearing them. For these people a better option might be clear fixed braces. So what exactly are they?

As the name suggests clear braces are fixed in the mouth for the duration of the treatment but instead of using metal brackets and wiring which are clearly visible when the wearer smiles or eats, they utilise tooth coloured brackets and clear wiring which is typically harder to spot. Ultimately this means that the wearer can go about their daily life without feeling inhibited or self conscious.

So just how popular are clear fixed braces Manchester?

As more adults are wanting orthodontic treatment clear braces are becoming more widely used. In fact clear brace orthodontic treatments have seen a huge spike in use over the past 5 years and it’s thought that within the next ten to twenty years adult-style metal braces will be a thing of the past.

So how do they work?

Clear fixed braces work in exactly the same way as metallic brace systems in that they straighten teeth by applying sustained gentle pressure to push or pull the teeth back into position. In fact all the component parts are the same except that the metal brackets and wire are replaced with ceramic tooth coloured brackets and acrylic tensioners. The only difference being the latter are considered more fragile than the former, meaning a patient needs to take greater care of them. In addition, just like their metal cousins, discreet braces can be used for both longer term teeth straightening treatments or short term accelerated treatments.

What about cost of teeth straightening Manchester – Are there any vast differences in price?

Surprisingly treatment costs are on a par. In general terms, clear ceramic braces start at around £2500-£3000 and can rise to double this and more depending upon the type and length of treatment you need. Similarly costs for a visible metal style brace start around the same price and can rise to double that for more specialised lingual braces.

Ultimately clear fixed braces, do the same job as their metal counterparts with an equal amount of success. Except as the name suggests clear fixed braces are more suited if you feel particularly self-conscious about having a mouth full of metal.

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