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Do Cheap Clear Braces Manchester Really Equal Poor Quality?

When we mention the phrase ‘cheap clear braces Manchester‘ you might think that the word ‘cheap’ has a direct correlation with quality, or rather, the lack of it But you’d be wrong. There are many clinics offering competitively priced braces in Manchester including Manchester Invisalign treatment, and because they offer good value for money on orthodontic treatments such as these, many adult and teen patients are now choosing them over conventional metallic style brace systems. So why is this?

They’re discreet

The reason that clear brace systems are…well….clear is because they’re designed to be discreet.  This is perhaps the biggest benefit of them. Some treatments such as Invisalign for example do away with the traditional bracket and wiring style of brace altogether, in favour of a series of clear (virtually invisible) retainers which are worn over the teeth like a gum shield. Others such as lingual braces are fastened to the back of the teeth and therefore can’t be seen when you smile or talk. Unlike the old fashioned ‘train-track’ style of brace that you may have worn as a child, clear braces allow you smile without the obvious look of a mouth full of metal. This means that wearers can go about their daily lives without feeling self conscious.

They’re hassle free

Many orthodontic braces in Manchester such as Manchester Invisalign offer a hassle free experience for the user. Unlike conventional style braces that need adjusting at the dental clinic every few weeks or so, Invisalign aligners can be quickly replaced by the wearer themselves. It’s a simple process that involves taking the old aligner off, disposing of it and placing the new one on. As it’s worn like a gum-shield, this is quickly and easily done.

Some are arguably more hygienic

Some of the problems with fixed metal style braces are that firstly they remain permanent in the mouth for the duration of the treatment. Because of this tiny food particles and debris can get lodged between the wiring and brackets. This can then be difficult to access during normal daily brushing. For this reason some wearers find that when their treatment is over and their braces are removed, they have a severe build up of plaque and tartar which can if left untreated cause damage to the teeth.

Conversely with cheap clear braces in Manchester, some treatments such as Invisalign and Inman aligners are designed to be removed while eating and brushing teeth to avoid this very problem. In addition other clear brace treatments, known as accelerated treatments, taking just 3 or 4 months to complete treatment, reduce the chance of plaque build up and therefore keep teeth healthy.

As you can see, cheap clear braces Manchester doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality. In fact you may even find that they’re better suited to your lifestyle and dental problems. To find out more about clear braces in Manchester and/or Manchester Invisalign treatment, then speak to Church Road Dental and Cosmetics who can help. We invite you to come and have a chat with Shi Karim and his team of orthodontists by booking a free, no-obligation consultation. Here you can get all your questions and concerns answered, plus you’ll also have a clearer idea of exactly what can be done to help. To make an appointment either visit our website at www.clearbracesmanchester.co.uk or contact us directly on 0161 660 1218. Why not start the ball rolling today towards a healthy mouth and a happier you?