Fast Orthodontic Treatment – Does It Really Work

Fast Orthodontic Treatment – Does It Really Work?

At our smiles dental Manchester clinic we help people restore their smile using a variety of orthodontic treatments. Before patients come to us, many are under the impression that they have to put up with metal style braces for lengthy periods of time to cure their problematic teeth. However those same patients are usually surprised when we tell them about fast orthodontic treatment. So what exactly is it and does it really work?

In essence speedy orthodontics are brace systems that are designed to work fast. Instead of taking 18-36 months to straighten crooked teeth like conventional braces would, they take anywhere between 2-6 months to achieve the desired results. What’s more, when it comes to cost, if you compare speedy treatments such as the Inman aligner, cost UK is on a par with other conventional brace systems. So surely it’s a win/win situation all round?  After all, the patient gets treated quicker and it doesn’t really cost them any more money right? Well – the answer to this is both yes and no.

Let me explain….

A fast orthodontic treatment is speedy for a reason. That’s because it usually straightens only the visible upper and lower teeth that can be seen when you smile. In other words it deals purely with the aesthetics.

Many people who visit our smiles dental Manchester clinic have mild to moderate tooth problems. These include unsightly crooked, gapped, or flared teeth. As a result they may only be concerned about how their smile can be improved and are not necessarily concerned with any underlying workings. This is completely understandable and as long as they’re happy with the end results, then that’s fine. In these cases speedy treatments such as C-fast, Inman Aligners, Six month Smiles, and Secret Smiles are ideal.

However, for those with more serious dental problems, or those that are concerned with correcting the whole mouth, including non-visible upper and lower back teeth, severe tooth crowding, and root misalignment, accelerated or quick brace systems won’t work in these cases.

Alternatively if a patient does need lengthy orthodontic treatment and discretion is an issue (eg, they don’t feel comfortable with a mouth full of metal) then they can opt for fixed clear brace systems such as lingual braces or removable aligner style systems such as Invisalign. Both of these treatments are designed to be incredibly discreet.

The bottom line is that there are a multitude of orthodontic treatments suitable for your dental condition, requirements, and/or budget. It maybe that a fast orthodontic treatment is ideal for you, or that an Inman aligner cost UK price, fits right in with your budget. Alternatively you might prefer a holistic corrective approach to your smile that will take longer but is better suited to your dental condition. In fact whatever your dental problem, pay a visit to our smile dental Manchester clinic and talk to our experienced team.

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