6 Month Smiles Manchester - What It Is And How It Works

6 Month Smiles Manchester – What It Is And How It Works?

When compared to other forms of orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign Manchester and lingual braces Manchester, 6 Month Smiles Manchester is a bit of an enigma. It might not be as discreet as lingual braces which are worn behind the teeth, or indeed aligner style orthodontics such as invisalign, but nonetheless, it’s a treatment which is proving very popular. With this in mind, what exactly is the 6 Month Smiles treatment, and how does it work?

6 Month Smiles is in essence a form of orthodontic treatment that is designed to correct and straighten the teeth which are visible when a person smiles. The system utilises tooth coloured nickel-titanium wiring and small metal brackets, which are fixed to the front of the teeth, to help correct a whole host of dental problems. Also, as the name suggests, it has the ability to correct problems within 6 months or under. This is a far cry from other orthodontic treatments that can take up to 3 years to complete.

So how does it work?

Unlike lingual braces Manchester which gently push and pull the teeth from the back, or Invisalign which place the teeth back into position using a series of a fitted trays known as aligners, 6 Month Smiles uses a combination of low force and low movement. Every time the tooth-coloured wiring is adjusted it gently and gradually pulls the teeth back into position using small movements. Over a period of 6 months, teeth are moved back into position.

What about disadvantages?

Unlike Invisalign Manchester and lingual braces, 6 Month Smiles is not designed to be a comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Instead it concentrates its efforts purely on the aesthetics of a patient’s smile. It can’t fix issues such as bite or occlusion corrections so  it isn’t the ideal solution for everyone

So who is it for?

Anyone that suffers from mild diastemas and spacing, tooth crowding, overlapping teeth, rotating teeth or extrusions/intrusions, might be an ideal candidate for 6 Month Smiles. Manchester dental practices will often recommend the treatment for use in these circumstances. Because it provides noticeable results fast, it’s ideal for those people wanting to transform their smile for a specific event. This might include a wedding or graduation, a job interview, an upcoming holiday, or even a special date.

To sum up

6 Month Smiles is an innovative cost-effective solution for those concerned purely with the aesthetics of their smile. As such it’s designed specifically to straighten the upper and lower front teeth that are visible when we smile. Treatment takes anything from 3 months to 6 months (hence the name). Unlike lingual braces Manchester or Invisalign, Manchester orthodontists will advise that they aren’t designed to fix underlying or complex dental issues, but instead are ideal for those wanting a discreet quick-fix solution.

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